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What do Liverpool still need to do before transfer window closes?

It’s under a week until the transfer window closes, so what do Liverpool still need to do?

Having conceded five goals in their first two games of the Premier League season, defence seems to be the area of priority for the Reds.

We look at what they have done so far this summer and what could happen before the 11.30pm deadline on August 31.


Sadio Mane (Southampton, £36m), Loris Karius (Mainz, £4.7m), Joel Matip (Schalke, free), Georginio Wijnaldum (Newcastle, £25m), Ragnar Klavan (Augsburg, £4.2m), Alex Manninger (free)
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Major outs

Christian Benteke (Crystal Palace, £32m), Jordon Ibe (Bournemouth, £15m), Joe Allen (Stoke, £13m), Brad Smith (Bournemouth, £6m), Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahce, £5m), Jerome Sinclair (Watford, £4m), Joao Teixeira (Porto, £0.25m), Sergi Canos (Norwich, £2.5m), Kolo Toure (released), Lawrence Vigouroux (Swindon, £0.40m)

What do Liverpool need?

After a busy summer at Anfield, it is the defence that appears to need strengthening most before the window shuts.

Speaking after the 2-0 defeat to Burnley, former Reds defender Jamie Carragher said: “The defence is a big problem. It was a big problem under Brendan Rodgers and it doesn’t look like it has been rectified. Klopp’s had a summer now and looked at where he needs to strengthen but the big-money buys have been at the other end of the pitch.”

Sadio Mane is Liverpool's most expensive addition of the summer

Sadio Mane is Liverpool’s most expensive addition of the summer


Carragher also believes that Liverpool could do with cover in the centre of midfield. “Jordan Henderson is not a defensive midfield player and Emre Can is the only one in the squad that does play there because it looks like Lucas is surplus to requirements,” he said.

Who are the targets?

Having sold Christian Benteke to Crystal Palace for £32m, Liverpool may have money to spend before the window closes.

They have been linked with several left-backs over the summer, including Germany international Jonas Hector and PSV’s Jetro Willems. Hector, however, has only recently signed a new deal with Cologne.


Jonas Hector has been linked with Liverpool

Jonas Hector has been linked with Liverpool


Porto defender Bruno Martins Indi is another reported target.

Sky in Italy say the Reds have a ‘strong interest’ in Roma midfielder LeandroParedes, although the Serie A side are apparently reluctant to sell. There has also been talk that Liverpool are among several top-flight clubs keeping tabs on Nottingham Forest youngster Oliver Burke.

What has Klopp said?

“If we would have found the perfect fit, with all the things around – it’s not about money, only playing style, defending skills, offensive skills, technical things – if we could have found this then you would have known because we would have made the transfer.


We have a lot of players, in our opinion, who can play in our style of play at left full-back.
Jurgen Klopp


What’s the pundit view?

Phil Thompson: “Obviously an area that Liverpool are looking to strengthen is at left-back because of James Milner being asked to play there. Jurgen Klopp has come out and supported Alberto Moreno, which he has to do because you never know when you’re going to need a player. I think most Liverpool fans would like to see an out-an-out left-back come in to compete.

I think most Liverpool fans would like to see an out-an-out left-back come in to compete.
Phil Thompson


“I did think that Klopp would go for Germany’s Jonas Hector, who is first and foremost a good defender and also decent at getting forward, which is the way it should be.”

What’s your view?

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Source: Sky Sports


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60 thoughts on “What do Liverpool still need to do before transfer window closes?”

  1. “What do Liverpool still need to do before transfer window closes?”

    Absolutely nothing.

    We demoralised Burnley so profoundly last week that they even got humped by the global football powerhouse that is Accrington Stanley.

  2. Should’ve just gone for Manquillo, would’ve had us covered in both fullback positions and provided defensive solidity. I never understood why we let him go, poised to sign for Sunderland now.

  3. We don’t need a DM with Can, Stewart and Lucas we have more than enough cover. I still don’t understand the Sakho situation if Klopp wants to get rid of him fine, do it, but the loan being mooted is BS. If i was Sahko I would say either give me a chance or sell me I am not interested in a loan. For me the cover needs to be a left and right back or a player that can play both.

  4. we can solve the dm problem by removing hendo from there.. dm should be btwn can/ stewart. it will also help hendo to get his rhythm back. he brings more playing further forward than protecting the defense. if we dont sign leftback atleast buy some special therapy session for moreno. or some kinda collar which will remind him not to run further forward unnecessarily

    You know what you have to do ; go to the link and like our foar fb page n spread the word before transfer deadline

          1. Ha! What was that film that had a collar that exploded if a person went outside a certain area? It may be a bit extreme but players would think twice about straying out of position… or at least they would if they hadn’t just been decapitated by an exploding collar ?

          2. Well worth a watch. Not the best overall but there’s some great scenes in it that makes it worth your time.

          3. Heh only scenes I have seen of it are Hugh Jackman typing gibberish super fast and Halle Berry’s t*ts.

  5. I believe Mid is not as big a problem as it is pointed out to be! Remove Hendo – Simple solution!
    LB is a must but I dont believe that we are going after Hector! Happy to be proved wrong though!

    1. No, Canos has the “Barcelona” tag to it. Lads like Luis Alberto and Tello have been feeding off that tag.

        1. True, but it has a pedigree in the world of football. You know these lads have had the proper education in terms of positional play, technique and decision making. All they need to learn is to deliver. That takes them a while but they get there most likely. See Bojan.

          1. Abyss just reminded me that Teixeira’s contract had expired so the 250k we got was compensation. I think that explains everything.
            Bojan is a player I still can’t place anywhere but to the “failure” lot. He had many offers as a youngster from clubs far bigger than Stoke, but he was confident of making it at Barca. He also refused the call up from Serbia national team and said he wants to play for Spain. Both of those stands backfired like hell.

          2. It takes these lads a couple of years to figure out that playing beautifull football means jack shit when they don’t produce. Bojan at Roma, Milan and Ajax is not the Bojan now. Where 10 goals a season means you get to stay and be loved by the club. 10 goals for Ajax means you’re out next window.

    2. Well technically speaking Teixeira left for free once his contract ended. We just ended up getting 250k compensation so I don’t think we can make the comparison.

      Plus Canos has done reasonably well in the Championship so £2.5mil is not a bad punt on him.

        1. To be fair though Texiera is about 4 years older than him so a more developed player. One has gone to Porto the other Norwich. We know which is the better club. But not sure how much game time he’ll be getting there so probably not a valid point to bring up. I’ve seen more of Tex than I have Canos so a tough comparison to make. But yeah, I think Canos still needs more development in his game.

    1. Dinge would be great but he plays for barca. And with all due respect and your love for strootman, he is done.

          1. You haven’t seen any of the recent Roma games nor the Dutch NT play? Because you wouldn’t state that otherwise.

  6. KLopp said he will start from the back when he came in but we find ourselves in need of reinforcements a season after he’s taken over, with a week left in the window. He’s confident though so all we can do is hope he makes the right call.No excuses.

  7. Personally, I fully agree with Thompson. Our defense, along with Can and Henderson shielding it together, doesn’t seem that weak to me apart from the LB position obviously. Clyne is a great player who has had a tough start to the campaign but will certainly get better, while Lovren, Matip and Klavan offer a good set of options for the two CB starting spots, considering the lack of European football this season. And with Gomez returning and Lucas being able to do the job if necessary, I think we’re set in the CB department for the season. If we don’t get another out-and-out LB (which we should), I expect we’ll see Gomez or Klavan in that position at some point.
    Mignolet has started the season decently, and with Karius coming back, we’re set there as well.
    The only player I’d like to see join us at this point would be De Sciglio.

    1. ‘ Lovren, Matip and Klavan offer a good set of options for the two CB starting spots’
      I hope you’re right but my concern is that Matip and Klavan have no experience of EPL, we’ve lost a lot of that with Sahko seemingly out of the picture and Skrtel and Toure leaving. If Sahko goes on loan and either of that pair struggle to adapt or pick up injuries and with Gomez still injured I think we could be in the cart even though we would still have Wisdom and Lucas.

  8. A left back, a right back back-up and for Henderson to play for the U23 side. But I’m actually starting to agree with how Klopp sees our problems. It isn’t really a defensive issue, it is more an offensive issue. Most of the goals scored against us was due to the fact that we lost the ball while attacking. That lead to our non defensive structures and goals against us. Surely this can somehow be rectified by not asking our defenders to press that high up when we are just starting the attack?

  9. A fukin LB and DM who hit the ground running. A reliable 2nd choice GK.

    Though I won’t complaint about all the above if we get Gabigol.

  10. Buy Accrington Stanley club as backup team to play so-called smaller PL teams so that opponents are not fired-up for giantkilling acts.

    Estimated outlay: £8m, just to get that elusive title-clinching 3 points here and there since almost 3 decades ago..

    1. Haha excellent idea. I take it you know the news about Accrington beating Burnley to knock them out of the cup competition.

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