FA will investigate Mourinho’s comments about referee Anthony Taylor

One of Jose Mourinho’s early mind-games seems to have backfired on him


According to numerous reports, the FA will be looking into the comments made by the Manchester United manager ahead of the clash against Liverpool regarding the choice of the main official.

Mourinho has expressed doubts over Anthony Taylor’s capability to do his job properly, after the initial angry reaction from Merseyside to his appointment.

“I have my view, but I learned a lesson by being so many times punished by some words, so I don’t want to say anything about it”, he said.

“I think Mr Taylor is a very good referee, but I think somebody with intention is putting such a pressure on him that I feel it will be difficult for him to have a very good performance.”

“Our disciplinary record is really, really good. We don’t have problems at all at this level,” he added.

“We are a team that plays with discipline, that is following everything that was told to us in the meetings that we had with the representatives of the Premier League and the referees.

“We don’t press referees, we behave on the touchline so that’s a point that we are very comfortable with.”

Mourinho has indeed been fined by the FA before for his comments on referees.

Veselin Trajkovic

A sports enthusiast, Liverpool FC fan, writing for several blogs, likes to focus on football for what it is, rather than stats or bias. Writing for FOAR since its inception.

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41 thoughts on “FA will investigate Mourinho’s comments about referee Anthony Taylor”

  1. Whats to investigate?

    The FA for making the appointment and further casting suspision on the corrupt nature of English football, especially for the Utd’s of this league.

    1. this is it ~ the real shit ( er I mean problems ) in our football is to be found with the powers that be.

  2. The poor Dear, Maureen still trying to make himself relevant. Its an obvious attempt to influence the Ref and lets hope the FA give him something as that all he going to get from this match. Would love another 4-1 scoreline, a deflected shot of Shrek’s arse would also do as long as we win and the scum 6 points behind after 8 matches.The pressure will be turned up considerably by the prawn sandwich brigade if that happens .

  3. Mou will be Mou. Everybody should be used to it by now. Hope we give them a packet. I’d like to see his post match interview/mumbling then.

  4. who cares, we rarely get good games by refs, it will be just yet another biased game by refs. we are used to this for a long time. like klopp said earlier “instead of moaning abt things not under your control should worry about only things matter and under our control” im looking forward to a very professional job our boys. onwards n upwards ynwa

  5. I think it didn’t backfired on Mou but instead played into his hand. By saying what he said, now the referee has been put under more pressure to side MU as to prove to Mou he isn’t in the first place…this is definitely a reversed psychology game played by Mou… And what the FA is doing is also showing to the LFC supporters that they are doing their job unbiased but in truth is just bull.
    What Mou said carry some weight too as someone wanted to hype up further the game between this 2 teams just to earn extra dough.

  6. all he had to do was say I think Mr Taylor is a good referee otherwise the PL wouldn’t have picked him ~ if he said anything else it was because it suited his book to do so, things are going well for us and he wanted to upset the applecart ~ the little shit is always stirring.

  7. surprised that he went for the ref saying he wouldn’t beable to do a good job. Just took one for the team I expect if it makes the ref think twice before giving the home team a decision.

    That’s Mou, winning is the only thing that matters and he doesn’t care how, usually starts with a bad foul early in the game

    Will be interesting to see if he tries to soak it up early on and take the space out of the game or if he tries to push up on us and win the midfield. LVG did that with Rodgers, played 4141 and pushed up and outnumbered us in midfield. BR had no idea what to do and the players were chasing shadows. Swansea outnumbered us for half an hour too and it worked well for them so I can’t tell how he’ll play it. And then set pieces are such a problem for us, he’ll target weaknesses, like I bet he puts Zlatan on Clyne.

    If they sit back we’ll likely be too good for them so I’d be surprised if he did that so the question is if he’s drilled them well. Very tough game to call.

    1. I just gotta a feeling we LFC going to win it…come on LFC, make my game week 8 prediction 7/10 correct.

      1. yeah lets nick the first half 4-0 and the second 5-0 then tell the prick in the opposition dug out it was all down to dodgy decisions !!

  8. Jose can’t do anything on the pitch but Ibra certainly can, he will be trying to intimidate our goalie and defenders at every opportunity, we have to handle it.

  9. Off topic… no, sorry, on topic – I can’t think of any other person in the world of sports that i despise more than this guy. Even more after he joined scum of course.
    Then off to the off topic, just to put a huge contrast on it all:
    Pure class, emotional and warming watching Hendos condolences to the Thai people after their kings death on behalf of the Liverpool family.
    I have a strong connection with Thailand and many friends there, and I know how much their king meant to them. And I also know very well how this really emphatic gesture is being received by the Thai people. Pure, pure class!

    1. Spot on, a few years back I worked with a group of young guys from Thailand, their respect for the King was something my workmates and i have never witnessed before.

  10. He lost all my respect when he once let his Real side brutally foul Baca in order to get sth out of the game. Quality-wise, they were nowhere near their opponent. So foul play does the trick, eh?

    1. “I think Mr Taylor is a very good referee, but I think somebody with intention is putting such a pressure on him that I feel it will be difficult for him to have a very good performance.”
      This might get him into trouble.

        1. The FA takes ill any comments about the ref’s ability to do his job. Whether that’s the way it’s supposed to be is another matter. I think managers should be allowed to express their opinions on refs, as long as they’re not accusing them of being bribed or something.
          As for the punishment, I don’t think he cares either. Those fines are ridiculous.

          1. The FA need to take a good look at themselves first of all, and I have no time for Mourinho whatsoever.

          2. Was busy yesterday and only caught up later in the evening, well done for the live match blog, very impressive.

          3. Yeah, seems like Ves has been quite busy the last couple of weeks as well. You are doing one hell of a good job on this site Ves 🙂

      1. Yes he is specifically implying that the ref cannot be impartial (i.e. “have a good performance”). The FA can’t allow this.

        Oily bohunk should get a ban.

    2. To me its a reversed psychology game Mou is playing with the Ref and indirectly FA towards the Ref. If Mou didn’t said this, I’m more relax but now I’m thinking the ref would be siding MU more now…or am I over thinking it…haha.

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