James Milner to have head injury suffered against Manchester United assessed

Liverpool will assess a head injury to James Milner but he is expected to be fit for the weekend’s Premier League clash with West Brom.

James Milner suffered a blow to the head in the 0-0 draw against Manchester United
James Milner suffered a blow to the head in the 0-0 draw against Manchester United

The 30-year-old suffered the blow when he challenged for a high ball with Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford during Monday night’s goalless draw at Anfield.

Milner has performed impressively this season after being used at left-back by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp ahead of Alberto Moreno, who replaced him late in the game.

The injury is not believed to be serious, though, and Milner should be in contention to face the Tony Pulis’ side on Saturday.

Loris Karius, meanwhile, will use David De Gea as an inspiration as he bids to sweep away the doubts over his ability to remain as Liverpool’s first choice goalkeeper.

Summer buy Karius kept his first clean sheet in Monday’s stalemate with Manchester United but has attracted criticism for some erratic displays since replacing Belgium international Simon Mignolet.

United star De Gea stole the limelight at Anfield with two superb saves to underline his status as one of the world’s best goalkeeper  and Karius has been encouraged by the Spaniard’s progress after a tough start in English football.

“Credit to him, the way he has developed is very impressive,” said the German. “He’s enjoyed great development over the last few years and you can just see he gets better and better.

“He’s right up there among the very best in the world, playing at a consistently high level and is a top goalkeeper, but it’s not always easy to perform like that straight away. It takes time.”

Former England coach and TV pundit Gary Neville claimed Karius is “vulnerable” from crosses and will not inspire confidence in his defenders.

But former Manchester City Academy graduate Karius – who moved to Anfield from Mainz – insists he will come to terms with the physical side of the Premier League.


He added: “I feel I can be the number one at Liverpool…I’m not a keeper who hasn’t shown his ability. I know I am a good goalkeeper and I’ve shown that a lot, so I haven’t come to sit on the bench.

“I hope to have a lot of success with Liverpool, win a title and then stay in goal for a long time and just do well and make the people really happy.

“That would be good for the future, but I have never thought it will be easy straight away.”

Veselin Trajkovic

A sports enthusiast, Liverpool FC fan, writing for several blogs, likes to focus on football for what it is, rather than stats or bias. Writing for FOAR since its inception.

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22 thoughts on “James Milner to have head injury suffered against Manchester United assessed”

  1. Sit him a week…don’t want to risk anything. In any case, we will be up against the 6-3-1 again this week more than likely.

  2. To change position is one thing, to do it in the prem is another, to do it in your 30’s and be pretty successful, i can’t think of many, Valencia maybe. Top, top guy for Klopp to roll out when talking to the young ones about the importance of teamwork, Moreno is one lucky dude

    1. Joe Allen playing as a CM while he is a better no.10 than messi. That’s talent and professionalism.

  3. Milner shakes head and says groggily: “What happened, I don’t remember anything since July”
    Klopp: “You’ve been playing left back Milly”
    Milner: “what?…Boss I, I…I’m so sorry, it wasn’t me , I wasn’t on contro….
    Klopp puts his finger to Milner’s lips…”ssshhhhhh…It was beautiful Milly..YOU, were beautiful”
    Klopp wipes a tear from his eye….

  4. He was out for a few seconds there. Won’t be surprised if he had a concussion. Surprised we took so long to take him off tho.He can chill out for WBA imo. Give Moreno a shot at redemption instead. I expect some rotation due to the Spurs cup match that closely follows.

  5. Really rate Milly. Top professional, reliable and hard working. Now, maybe someone will say I’m old school, but I guess I’ll never get used to watching the iconic number 7 shirt misplaced on the left back. Not blaming Milly here, but it just doesn’t feel right.

      1. Yes, but he was a potatoe at City as well. And you really can’t compare wearing the number 7 in City with the number 7 in Liverpool. I would believe that the 7 in Liverpool is comparable with the 10 in Brazil or Argentina, or the 14 in Holland to name a few examples.
        Hmm… I guess I blame him a little bit after all for choosing it.

    1. He’s still one of our more creative players though..I didn’t think in August that I’d be won over by Milner and Lallana…The Klopp effect

  6. I hope James Milner will be ok for the WBA match, a model professional for sure.
    Not expecting Albion to be very adventurous so we will have to find a way around the parked bus again.

      1. I don’t think the scum parked the bus though it seems to be the default view for some strange reason.

        From what I saw, they didn’t. They just did the crucial things in stopping us from playing without resorting to the proverbial parked bus. Closing passing channels, being too aggressive, pressing hard and trying to keep the ball in midfield most times.

        1. maybe not Joe but when you’ve got a squad with so many ‘ top quality players ‘ ( at least that’s what the press say ) I know that I, as an ordinary fan, expected a bit more attack wise than six in a line across the penalty area and three in front screening.

          1. That’s the mark of their manager tbh. Honestly, if I was a United fan, I’d be very unhappy that my team is so negative.

            They’ve forgotten all about good football it seems in their thirst for glory and riches.

          2. Mou has had top top player every where he has managed. He had hazard, Drogba, lampard, William, Costa not to mention the Galacticos. But he emphasise on having strong defence. If m not wrong than 2/3 out of 5 top defensive record in prem is to Chelski name including the 1st positio.

            He doesn’t care much about entertainment. He is bloody self centred and wants to win titles. He knows fans will forget about barking the bus once the season end and you win them titles. Which he does.

            We see stats like since klopp arrived liverpool has scored more than 3 goals on X occasions, more than 4 for y, most tackles, most sprints, but we didn’t won anything other than 2 silver medals. It’s a big achievement in itself with someone else squad. But what do you prefer. Attacking football and no titles or average football with few great performance and few dross but winning the title.

            I hate mou but I admire his dedication to win things.

          3. ‘ But what do you prefer. Attacking football and no titles or average
            football with few great performance and few dross but winning the title.’

            to answer your question, I have watched LFC since the sixties and have seen times when we’ve had success and times when we haven’t, but every season I start out believing we are good enough to win the league. All I know is that if my team played the type of crap football that Mourinho employs I couldn’t have stood it and had that been the case I’d have found something else to do on Saturdays ~ first and foremost for me football is about enjoyment, first playing at whatever level then watching and if there is no pleasure in watching it then what’s the point, that’s why I like sides like Barca, even the old Arsenal of a few years back and the Brazil side from 1970. I hope that answers your question ~ but of course I’d like us to win the title as well.

        2. Thank you Joe for speaking it out. I was blasted for complementing scums defence and point out our flaws in our defence.

          I hate them but that arrogant cunts defensive organisation is second to none. Only rafa was able to match him. Now pochs is doing it but in more entertaining way. Spur is having a great defence under their new manager.

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