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Dear all, as you already know, I’ve always been crystal clear and upfront  that I don’t want FOAR to be ad-supported. You’ve heard me say several times that I’ve deactivated Disqus REVEAL (their advertising system) and switched of all Cookie tracking of visitors to the site. Thus far, I’ve been paying for everything out-of-pocket.

Unfortunately, as much as I want that to continue, I received this email from Disqus yesterday. See screenshot below:



This means that Disqus will no longer be Free of use without Ads from Feb 8, 2017. However, if I pay a monthly fee, I get to use the Premium version where I can disable Ads.

Couple months ago, I received a note from Disqus that FOAR qualified for Disqus REVEAL given the level of commenting activity…so while I didn’t activate this option before (for all the reasons made clear by now), that option was still available to me at the back-end.

For now, I’ve Activated Disqus REVEAL, which means, very shortly you’ll see ads for penis enlargement pills and customisable dildos very soon. This is not what I wanted, but it may keep Disqus free for now. However, if you think that Ads ruin the experience, and that you would like to chip so that I can pay for the Premium version, do let me know.

Please note, that I’m saying this not because I can’t pay this measly sum, but that I shouldn’t. The site should be self-sustaining over and above the registration of the domain and monthly hosting fees which I will continue to pay. But additional features which require subscription should be load-shared with the Community…because after all, this is YOUR Community as much as it is mine.

I write this upfront to you for the purpose of transparency and accountability.






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