Live Game Cafe! Sunderland vs Liverpool

No one cares for excuses.

You’ve got to rise above it.


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Over the holiday period, the missus and I decided to watch some movies based on a theme. This time, the theme was: ‘Films starring the late great John Candy’.

So we kicked things off with the hilarious (and my personal favourite) ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ with Steve Martin and John Candy.

Next up, the absolutely ludicrous but laugh-out-loud ‘Brewster’s Millions’. I know how I’d spend $30 million within 30 days!

Third on the queue, was the comical yet based on true story ‘Cool Runnings’, which is about the Jamaican Bobsled team which took part in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.

In face of disbelief, even from their own countrymen and other Olympians, numbing ridicule and changing of Qualification conditions willy-nilly, the team (according to true Hollywood underdog tradition!) prevailed and got through to the final day of competition.

In short, they rose above their limitations, background and even THE MAN, i.e. the System to show themselves worthy of not only as representatives of their country but as decent Olympic standard Bobsledders.

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In 48 hours, Liverpool play another competitive game of football. That is simply astonishing and downright negligent of the PL boffins, mere lackeys of the Media.


Klopp said earlier,

“I’ve said enough about the fixtures and long ago we accepted it.
No excuses for no-one – that’s how everyone wants it.
We have to deliver – and we will deliver.


Once again, the boys have to rise above it. The Man, The System, The ‘Plan’ which keeps us down. But, we can prevail. Why?


I see Pride. I see Power.


A great line from Cool Runnings. Kind of reminds me of what I see looking at my Home jersey.

I examine the emblem of our great club, Liverpool Football Club – and I see Pride.
I take in the strong authority of the colour Red – and I see Power.

Let’s hope to see both of these qualities against Sunderland later.

Though, if the boys end up wearing Toxic Thunder (which they most likely will), you’ll see me Cower!

Our first LGC of 2017 is officially OPEN!






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