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Dear family of FOAR – Fields of Anfield Road,

If you don’t already know, FOAR doesn’t receive a single cent from advertising revenue to sustain itself. None of the writers and other contributors are paid a single cent.

Despite this, we have worked tirelessly, creatively and passionately to create a fantastic, well managed and sustainable safe haven for Liverpool supporters, many of whom have been with the site since the beginning.

FOAR is growing surely and steadily. We are currently averaging:

  • 75,000+ visitors monthly
  • close to 7,000 Twitter followers
  • 7,000+ listeners to our podcasts
  • 10,000+ comments per month

These are all current FOAR related assets:
Website: www.foarsite.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FOARsite
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FOARsite
Videos: https://vid.me/FOARtv
Podcasts: https://hearthis.at/foarsite

…and all this based only on limited promotion and frugal spending! But we can do much more…BE SO MUCH MORE!

We can continue on this mode, but to grow and expand our reach means being able to pay for stuff based on donations from the FOAR family. Website hosting, podcast hosting, use of certain website plugins, ad-free Disqus etc. all need to be paid for. We don’t accept any ads on the site, betting company sponsorships etc. We want to preserve privacy, integrity and true independence.

This is where I’m APPEALING DIRECTLY to you to partner with us. The intention is to keep the site ad-free and have some funds to pay for existing costs and introduce new features.

If you feel that FOAR is your LFC Home and you want to see it grow and explore more, then please…Partner with us and donate. Not every finger on the hand is of equal length…so any contribution is welcome.

Thank you for keeping FOAR going and for all your encouragement as we continue to push forward.

Your friend and fellow Red,


P.S. In exactly a month’s time, FOAR will celebrate her first birthday! 🙂


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