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Great FOARxpectations in 2017/2018!

Ok…so I took that ‘FOARxpectations’ bit too far! Shoot me!

As you know with recent site changes related around a central focus on more original content, we’re putting in the hard yards to bring you FOARiginal content (oops! I did it again!) on a Weekly basis.

This is what’s tentatively planned in the upcoming 2017/2018 Season!

DayFocus AreaFormatProposed Show Title
MONClub and related newsVideoFOAR a Day – *NEW!
TUESnazzy VideoVideoPodVod (*topic of choice)
WEDTactical AnalysisVideoFOARtv Tactical – *NEW!
THUPreview ShowAudioThe FOARcast (Season 2)
FRIMatch BuildupVideoWill Howell’s Pre-match Buildup
SAT/SUNGame day commentingArticleLive Game Cafe! (LGC)
SAT/SUNLive Text CommentaryChatCommentary box in the LGC
SAT/SUNPost-match ReactionsAudioFOARraw – *NEW!
SAT/SUNPost-match ReactionVideoWill Howell’s Post-match Reaction
SAT/SUNMatch ReportArticleMatch Report by Ves
SAT/SUNPlayer RatingsArticlePlayer Ratings by Eric

We soft kick-off next week with several podcasts which articulate our predictions of the TOP SIX…and then it’s straight into Gameweek #1 against Watford next Saturday.

The order of some of the content may swap around depending on availability or be delayed due to game dates…but generally this is the direction we’ll be headed.

New content areas include:

  • ‘FOAR a Day’ video – which is basically ‘Cup of Joe’ in video format.
  • FOARtv Tactical – our own version of Monday Night Football which features tactical breakdown by video.
  • FOARraw – an immediate post-game call in show where you are free to express delight or frustration (or both!) via Skype!

External articles will continue on ‘FOAR a Day‘ with the exception of articles which generally feature quotes from Klopp, players etc. since an editorial re-write would not be required for those.

For a bunch of guys holding down full-time jobs, families and children (or in my case – flatulence), I’d say that’s not too shabby!


I cannot express again the need for funds for us to continue. We are not paying ourselves but only for the external services we need for the site and to support hosting the various content.

We discussed some of it here. Please have a listen…only 15 mins long.


In terms of funds, we are barely HALFWAY through our target.


So guys and gals…seriously. WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT!

It’s not a lot of money…and only 12 patrons at time of writing (plus a couple of others who gave another way) have signed up…stop kidding around!
This shouldn’t be that difficult. Right???  -nervous laugh-

Moving forward, we are thinking of introducing Rewards for those supported us this way as a form of gratitude.

One day, you’ll look back at how much FOAR has grown and you’ll be able to tell the next generation of LFC supporters:

“See…I was part of that!”

Be a part of our success today! Celebrate it with us tomorrow!

That’s the big update for now. As usual, Comments section is open below for suggestions, ideas, nonsense, etc.




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