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*SITE FUNDING UPDATE* We’ve met our monthly funding goal!

Dear all,

A quick update to every FOARite…

We’ve met our $50 per month funding goal!

Through a combination of recurring monthly pledges (through Patreon), direct fund transfers (through PayPal) and in-person Cash (you know who you are!)…we have met our operational funding requirements for One Full Year!

To everyone who contributed and considered contributing but couldn’t due to other commitments, I just wanted to give a big SHOUT-OUT of Thanks!

Because of this, the site will continue to operate for another year while being financially funded by members of the Community on a purely voluntary basis.

More and more people have also taken the mantle to help administrate the site and create new content…which in turns releases me to do what I do best – innovative content development (especially video) and build new audience (especially on Social Media).

Some of you have wondered why you don’t see me as much on the Comment threads – I’m still around!

I’ve been a busy beaver establishing new collaborative relationships and focusing on growing other arms of content engagement – especially on Twitter – which in turn leads to new audiences engaging with our content which we work hard to produce despite our already busy schedules.

Coming off the back of a fantastic result to qualify for the Champions League, which underscores and validates the effort of last season by the lads to which our own community-building efforts runs parallel, our task has only just begun…


Building a truly GLOBAL LFC fansite

by fans, for fans

not limited by geography, gender or race

nor by diversity of opinion



A house where we can all live, laugh, cry, fight and celebrate every triumph and travail of this great institution known as Liverpool Football Club.

For this and more, we continue our labour of love.


Your friend and fellow Red,


P.S. Please feel welcome to contribute to our cause! Click any of the links below:




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