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Welcome to FOARsite 2.0

Greetings FOARites and fellow Liverpool Country mates. A very belated Christmas best wishes to one and all and joyous and celebratory New Year to each and every one!

Have been travelling quite a bit and busy with other stuff but cleared off one of the top things on my agenda – that is to design and upload a new version of FOARsite…which is now more or less complete.

Hope you like the cleaner look. The site is now faster and loads more efficiently on both desktop and mobile. Navigation has also improved. The Desktop Edition in particular is meant to be more a Dashboard type view – so that you don’t really have to go anywhere else for your daily / hourly LFC fix.

Some things to note…


Bug reporting, feature requests etc are welcome. Ping me in comments.

Always here to make this place better for you.

Happy Holidays!







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