Liverpool vs Spartak Moscow – Presser

Klopp speaks to the press ahead of the Spartak game. Here are some highlights –


Klopp on post match Incident last week

“It was a misunderstanding. I didn’t do something wrong on purpose. I have been disrespectful in life but not on this occasion. Apologies, it was not my intention.”

‘I went to shake his (Chris) hand but Mo Salah passed and I gave him a hug. Chris wasn’t happy and he told me I have to shake to the manager first. I spoke to his assistant and I think everything is fine’


Klopp on Coutinho’s excellent free kick

“You need to have the courage to do it because if they don’t jump it’s not too nice”


Klopp on Coutinho being at Liverpool in Feb post the winter transfer window

“Nothing, but I don’t think about it. I think about the Moscow game. Not one second I thought about that. So..I’m not sure, I’m not unsure. I have a team to prepare for tomorrow night”

“Nobody knows a nice and calm transfer window will happen. Nothing to say about that”


Klopp on Spartak Moscow

“All the good and bad things that have happened brought us into this situation. If we win that’s cool. I know a lot of people think we could already be through but that’s not life. Spartak could say the same. They gave four points away against Maribor.

“I am really looking forward to it. They are in a good moment, they have very important offensive players back.”


Klopp on Defence and other injuries

“Much better. They were in training yesterday. Ragnar and Joe are back. Joel Matip not. Adam Lallana not.”

“No, Adam will not be in the squad for this game tomorrow, but he is on a very good way. That’s what we thought actually the whole time, and we want to build him up with his fitness and all that stuff,” the boss said.

“He is keen, how you can imagine, but meanwhile he is old enough to know there are a lot of important years to come for him, a lot of important games to come for him, and it’s not about coming somehow in the next one – it’s about being best prepared for all the rest.”


Klopp on Lineup vs Everton

“We want to go through so we will not hesitate to line up our best team.”

“So far when we changed it was always about bringing in the players to win the game. Thankfully it worked and that’s what we will do again.”


Klopp on rotatation and developing partnerships

“We are in part of the season where you should see the relationships develop. We don’t have to make new start. We have had little drops. Tottenham is the most obvious. We have learned of it and that is what we always try to do“

“They are human beings, we cannot take it for granted. We have to prove our quality every day“

“I don’t want to make it bigger than it is… but it is big.”


Klopp on lessons from Sevilla game

“I am really excited. You don’t have guarantees in life. Let’s try and see where it leads us.”


Klopp on his views for the Balon D’or winner?

“No clue, probably Messi or Ronaldo. Who are the favorites?’


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