My Anfield Experience – E02: Kent Solheim from Norway

In this episode of Anfield Virgins, I spoke to Kent Solheim from Norway who rather infamously named his daughter “YNWA”.

She was born on the 1st of January 2018. I asked him:


  1. How long he’s been a Liverpool supporter and how he came to be one

  2. What his motive was in naming his child “YNWA” – pronounced Unn Vah

  3. Why he decided to post a message on Twitter hoping to reach someone senior at LFC

  4. If there were many LFC fans in Norway

  5. His message to critics on his naming decision from LFC and non-LFC supporters


Listen to Episode 1 of Anfield Virgins below…

I spoke to Halim Hassan a long time LFC Red from Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia who stood at the Kop End for the first time for #LIVMCI.

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