The CIES Observatory – Transfer Value List

Hello folks. As is the norm in January, the CIES Football Observatory has released its latest Transfer value list. And as is custom each year, there are some surprises and Tumbles too.

For one, our newest and most expensive signing is rated a piddly 97th at 50.8m. The world’s most expensive defender? Not according to CIES 😁.

Now honestly the VVD ranking is a shame, but considering injury and form for the past year, probably does make sense.

I did promise you there’d be some surprises and here it is – The Ox is worth a whopping 68.2m, and is placed at a lofty 65th position. Shocked? No? Ahem okay…what if I tell you he’s rated 2m more than Mane who comes in at 69th? 😂

Well there are some other funky ones out there as well, check out the whole article here.


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