Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion- Talking points

Utter shambles
The wheels have come off again in January and it looks even more to be the case that the Man City win was a fluke. I’ve never been one for knee jerk reactions but this game merits it. Here are the talking points:

1) WENGER 2.0 + WENGER 2.0 = KLOPP

Frugality and stubbornness is rooted in the veins of Arsene Wenger and well some of the money Klopp has spent doesn’t cry frugality (VVD) but the reluctance to go for more players because of the “PRICE” has echoes of Arsene Wenger and this game shows that Klopp’s charm could do us some harm. Arsenal Fan TV I’m coming for you.

2) VVD = not a saviour as we need more

Back to signings again because we need another CB as Matip is shit PERIOD , he’s not the victim of a witch hunt that Lovren is because of the “STYLISH” way that he plays but his way just cost us the game because he thinks too much of himself sometimes and plays like a headless chicken. Signing another CB would push Matip to play better than he has this season and that would result in better results so I hope you’re reading this MICHAEL EDWARDS AND JÜRGEN NORBERT KLOPP.


I sincerely apologise for making this piece all about the transfer window but I can’t help it and I can’t help but mention the scums as they have set an example for us to follow. Anthony Martial probably in the form of his life but still Jose BUS goes for Sanchez and gets him and why is that ? Ruthlessness because top clubs never reject the chance to improve themselves and that’s what LFC should do and I personally wouldn’t mind a guy like Mané on the bench if it means we’ve got a world class player like Sanchez.


Can we win the Champions League based on this performance? NOPE
Can we win it based on Monday night? NOPE
Was it always going to be nigh on impossible without Coutinho? YEP
Well now our own only hope of a trophy is the biggest one in world football and we haven’t shown yet(in the last 1 week) that we are capable of winning it and if that’s not a worrying sign then I don’t know what is.


This game should never been that important but now it’s a must win and to save our asses we must beat a team who’ll be up for it more than Albion and Swansea. Come on Klopp YNWA.

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