FOARaw – S02E52 – MUN 2-1 LIV: Pride Goes Before the Long Ball

Oh boy! That hurts doesn’t it? Two goals scored by a young Mancunian in the face of a young Scouser.
We sorted through the pieces of our shattered emotions as we discussed:

  1. Bad day at the wrong office – deconstructing Doh!

  2. Should Dejan Lovren be banned from interviews…or just banned? Permanently?

  3. Dont cry for me Alex Arnold…but is there a way back in for Clyne?

  4. Do we really expect subs like Lallana, Gini, Solanke to change a game?

  5. How damaging is this loss to us and empowering to United?

  6. Taking the L and looking ahead to next fixtures and the CL draw on Friday.

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