FOARcast S02E50 – United Vs Liverpool Preview Part 1: Shoot to Thrill?

Probably the biggest game of the season for both clubs as the titans of the Premier League (and World Football) aim to land the knockout punch to each others 2nd place finish aspirations.

On this Part 1 show, we analysed!

  1. The importance of this game to the respective managers

  2. Is this game more United vs Liverpool or Jose vs Jurgen?

  3. Looking back at the record so far – head-to-head, team-vs-team, manager-vs-manager

  4. Tactical POV – how we expect each side to set out stall

  5. If the Old Toilet is the perfect place for Gini to have his diarrhoea. Oops! Runs!

…and a helluva lot more!

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