News roundup: Rhythm of Lallana & the Philosophy of Dom + Li’l bit of Milly Love

Greetings True Believers!!! Here’s another rustle up of now rusty news!!! heh


Adam Lallana Is Officially Ready To Play Some Football

Well…SLAP me Silly and call me SHARONA!!! Adam Lallana, erstwhile New Age Nivea Man, erstwhile star of Keeping Up With Klopp’s Neighbours is B*A*CK*!

Cue the A-Team theme song!

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Says he of best mannered coiffure:

“I’m fully fit now,” Lallana said. “We’ve got Palace at the weekend then (Manchester) City, then the Merseyside derby, then City.

“So, it doesn’t stop. Straight back into it at Melwood and just keep ticking over and look to get that rhythm.

“At any level I’m not built with complacency. I think you see that in the way I play.

“It’s just about getting rhythm and hopefully this was just the start of it” continued Lallana. “To get that rhythm you just need minutes on the pitch.


We need all the bodies we can get in the run-in period…So…CUE THE DAMN RHYTHM!!!


Dominic Solanke philosophical over lack of chances at club level

I’m tellin you man. Millenials are idiots. Self-obsessed. Entitled. Vacuous.

All these things and more are not found in Dominic Solanke who is philosophical about his lack of first team chances at Liverpool.

A quote directly from the yet to be published book, “Dominic Solanke and the Philsopher’s Stone”:

‘It’s always frustrating when not playing but I’m enjoying it at Liverpool. You can say it’s different (to Chelsea),’ said Solanke, who has made 21 appearances in total for Liverpool.

‘Being at Liverpool there’s a lot of competition and there are going to be tough times but coming to England is always another time to express yourself.

‘There are crazy players at Liverpool, especially in my position, and I’ve definitely learned a lot.

‘You always have to take the positives and we are doing so well at the moment. The front players have been phenomenal, its a good lesson.

‘Mo is on fire, I’m so happy for him, and he is unstoppable and it’s helping us a lot.’

He’s alright wee Dom, even though he’s millenial-ish. Sort of.


James Milner reveals Jurgen Klopp is unpredictable in the Liverpool changing room

I love Milly. There I said it. Don’t judge me!

He has a lot of heart and is a tireless worker and, despite claims to the contrary, has a lot of skills and talent which he showcases frequently. He’s just not, how you say…”fashionable”.

Milly does know a lot of how players should be managed and has been part of a title-winning setup at City. So, it’s no surprise that he offers some insight into Klopp’s backroom behaviours:

“If things aren’t being done, obviously he’ll tell you that. Sometimes at half-time you’ll get a team-talk where he is angry but other times you might expect that and he doesn’t.

“I think it’s important as a manager that he can come from both ways. He has that.

“He obviously loves a hug as well – he’s got that side in him at the end of the game.

“As a manager, you need to know when to give the bear hug and when to give the boot up the backside. He judges that pretty well most of the time.”


Well played Milly. Well played.





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