De Rossi: Lessons To Be Learned

As reported by Sky Sports, Daniele De Rossi spoke to Mediaset Premium about the game his team lost by 5-2 at Anfield.

After a slow start, the Reds ran riot over their Italian visitors and scored five goals before a late push by Roma resulted in a glimmer of hope for them.

Eusebio Di Francesco’s team were in a similar position after the first leg of their quarterfinal clash against Barcelona, but they fought back in the rematch and broke through the tie. However, their captain says the feeling was different at Anfield to that at Camp Nou.

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“The only difference is that against Barcelona I saw a game that was unlucky, with many dubious incidents,” he said.

“Here we started strong, but then suffered under their pace and the ferocity of their attacks. We have to learn those lessons for the second leg.

“Not having seen the game back, it would be wrong for me to give a tactical view of what happened.

“Liverpool are strong, let’s not forget, and they did very well, but we had 20-25 very good minutes at the start.”

He also said that Liverpool’s front three were simply too much for his team to cope with on the night, adding that the Reds often played long balls into space, where he and his team-mates were constantly beaten by pace.

But he hasn’t given up all hope just yet.

“We have to hold on to what we did in the quarter-finals [against Barcelona]. That tells us it’s not impossible and that we have a duty to try, for ourselves and, above all, the people who love Roma.

“Today was a case of our blackout and their great quality. It won’t be easy, but we have to start from here. It’s not impossible and we know that.”


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