Firmino, Can, Buvač – a Proper News Mix

Firmino Signs New Deal

Yesterday (Sunday) a wonderful piece of news broke out. Roberto Firmino has committed his future to the club with a ‘no-look’ signature that a portion of fans were jokingly demanding to see.

There is no way to overstate the importance of the Brazilian for Jurgen Klopp and his current style of play. His attacking flair – both in terms of creativity and finishing, his immeasurable defensive contribution, and spirit unmatched, all these things make him a proper fan favourite. Securing his future at the club was a very important task that has now been done. It’s hard to say who seems happiest about it at the moment, the fans, the manager, the club or the fans.

Buvač Takes Leave

The celebrations about Firmino’s new contract weren’t even close to being over when another, less welcome piece of news came out: Željko Buvač, Klopp’s assistant for 17 years, has resigned from the club. As the news were initially broken by Duncan Castles, well-known for his lies about Liverpool and his affiliation with Jose Mourinho, not many believed it.

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And then, confirmation came, from the whole relatively reliable bunch – Paul Joyce, James Pearce, Melissa Reddy, Chris Bascombe…

However, it was not a complete confirmation. It seems “The Brain” has withdrawn from working with the first team for the time being – until the end of the season, and while everyone has their own theories on why and what this actually means, the explanation the club has provided is that it is for personal reasons.

Emre Can Agrees Juve Deal

The story about Emre Can has been going on quite a while now, and it seems it has come to the crunch – Gazzetta dello Sport report that the German has agreed a five-year deal with Juventus, that would see him earn €6 million per season.

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Most of the fanbase, along with everybody at the club probably, have made their peace with the midfielder leaving this summer as the contract negotiations stood in a stalemate for far too long. Will we miss him? It depends on your point of view. It’s hardly the repeat of the Suarez/Sterling/Coutinho situation, as Can wasn’t exactly a vital player in the team, but he was an important ingredient of the squad. The feeling is – we’ll miss a player in that role (unless we sign a replacement), but perhaps not so much Emre Can himself.


Any way you look at it, it’s been an exciting 24 hours for sure.


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