FOARcast – S02E56: Does the Derby After the City Blitz Matter?

As hoarse shouts of the now anthemic ‘Allez Allez Allez’ rang across Anfield and filtered right into Asia, the India based crew of FOAR discussed:

  1. 3-0 in 30 mins: Easier done than actually said?

  2. The tactical battles: TAA targeted on purpose, Milner-Hendo and the midfield masterclass, and Sterling’s benching – weak mentality or strategy?

  3. Game, Set, Semis?: Have we ended this tie or will city bounce back

  4. The Parked bus (Not you Mourinho) and if UEFA is playing fair

  5. Everton: Game for top 4, the derby game or both?

  6. Angry Klopp: Why’d we move the damn kick-off!

  7. Let Klopp Decide: With Injury pileup, fatigue, top-4/CL glory on the line, the boys decided to let Klopp do what he does best – be the master tactician

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