Liverpool: Where the Kop’s emotional support meets Klopp’s emotional football

A night that had brought before it so much anxiety, anticipation and fear of the unknown had finally dawned upon us.

Reds across the world started their day with one thing on their minds, wondering what would happen that night.

“Allez Allez Allez” was hummed in offices across the world, shouted out when bosses weren’t looking.
Nerves kicked in and the day seemed to drag along.

Manchester City had already riled up Scousers by trying everything in their power to not have to face the thousands that usually line up the streets before a huge game.
But inevitably they had to face them and while a few got carried away destroying the bus, it’s the one’s who destroyed their eardrums within the confines of Anfield that should rightly be the focus.

Watching social media clips all day of fans singing everywhere, I started to worry if they’d have anything left in the tank ( or throat ) for the actual game.

I should not have wasted my energy on such frivolous thoughts.

There had been much debate this week in social media circles in the role that the atmosphere plays in swaying games. Fans of other clubs were always quick to play down the magical powers of the Anfield Faithful.

They should not have wasted their energy on such frivolous thoughts.

The reality is, and always will be: The Anfield support will always be the most influential factor in the overall picture.
Raheem Sterling, in awesome form for City, was dropped by Pep Guardiola because of the amount of stick he receives at Anfield, which has always  affected his game negatively. If that isn’t enough proof of the crowd’s influence, then I don’t know what is.

Liverpool, emboldened by the boisterous noise, played beyond their collective ability.  On paper, Man City’s squad was too strong…but football isn’t played on paper (Peter Drury Voice)

Roberto Firmino spoke after the game on how the reception heading to the stadium had reduced him to tears. How can you not give everything for those who line up the streets to cheer you on hours before the actual game?

Klopp always speaks about emotional football – This is exactly what he meant.
And like an experienced orchestra, everyone played their part to perfection, Ze German both the Conductor and lead vocalist, hair flying and hand gesticulation of lightning proportions.

Boom! Salah scores ( cliche` of the year )
Boom! Ox thumps one in from distance, Gerrard style!
Boom! Sadio Mane latches on solidly to an inch perfect Mohamed Salah Cross.
The rest is a collection of pressing,last ditched tackles, blocks and a job well done.

But it’s only half time, and Tuesday can’t come soon enough.
Now, just the small matter of a Merseyside derby before then.

Soccer Football – Champions League Quarter Final First Leg – Liverpool vs Manchester City – Anfield, Liverpool, Britain – April 4, 2018 Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah celebrates with Roberto Firmino and Andrew Robertson after scoring their first goal REUTERS/Andrew Yates TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

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