The Statements of stupid ex-players regarding Sadio, Karius and Salah

Greetings True Believers! Time for another wrap-up of interesting news…

Danny Murphy: Sadio Mane is a cheat!

Honestly, I love Sadio. I pitched for him to score a goal on our latest podcast…and he obliged. He was also caught up in some in-game incidents which maybe took some shimmer off his overall performance which I thought was good.

I sincerely didn’t think he dived at all on that first foul by McArthur, but dickheads like Danny Murphy had this to say post-match:

“You’ll see it now better, we’ve had the replay to look at, but when you see the little bit of contact, look at the delay, there and he goes.

“I still think that’s cheating and that’s a dive and a yellow card.

Now to agree with the Refs call (or disagree with it depending on your POV) is one thing, but to brand Sadio Mane a Cheat is scummy. Danny Murphy is scum. Period.

Yes, Sadio should not have handled the ball and was lucky not to have sent off…so we’ll take it on the chin and move on. Good thing Swarbrick is not Red Card trigger happy Ref.

Read the full article here:


Stephen Warnock: Loris Karius is just like De Gea!

I though Karius had an excellent game. He may have made a mistake for their penalty but didn’t let it get to him and made a few very good saves that kept us in the game. But we still get overboard remarks like this from Stephen Warnock

When quizzed about the Reds’ current No.1 on Radio 5 Live, he said:

“The only thing I would say is years ago when I was at Villa we were playing Man Utd.

“David De Gea was in goal and having a bit of a tough time.

“I turned to Wayne Rooney and said ‘what is he like?’ and he said ‘he’s unbelievable. He’ll be the best in the world one day’.

“Of late, Karius’ form has been incredible – he made one of the saves of the season recently against (Newcastle’s) Mo Diame. That save is as big as a goal.

“And he’s showing that form and potential that Klopp sees in him.”

Click the image above to watch the Saves of the Weekend!


Charlie Adam: Mo Salah wouldn’t get a game at either Barca or Real Madrid!

And the hits keep rolling with ex-LFC players or should we even be considering Charlie Adam a former Red??? Anyway, this one is a little more than strange.

The Stoke City man genuinely believes that Salah would not get into either Barcelona or Real Madrid’s teams.

When asked about the Egyptian star’s future, Adam said: “Where’s he going to go? It’s difficult for him, where does he go?

“Will he get a game at Real Madrid? Will he get a game at Barcelona? I don’t think he would.

“I think he will stay there.”

Maybe this is one instance where I could half agree with Charlie with, i.e. that Salah should (and will) stay. As for his rationale behind that…the less said the better!


Seriously…is it that easy for dumb footballers to get punditry gigs? Certainly seems that way.


All eyes now on the CL clash of titans first leg between Liverpool and Man City! With Spurs beating Chelsea, we are quite likely now to secure a top four finish, but having gotten so far out of touch of City in the race for the PL Title, the CL crown remains the best chance to redress the balance of power somewhat in terms of quality.

Klopp said that consistency and fine margins separates both sides:

“That’s basically everything. But, apart from that, the difference is not so incredibly large.

However, there are always some [differences] at the end of the day.”


Let’s hope the difference is a fully pyroed and racous Anfield matched by a SWITCHED ON performance straight from the off because a VERY GOOD result midweek will set us up nicely for the return leg. We certainly have the talent, now we just need to make it show up at the right moment.

Have a great week FOARites!



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