Nerves, Nerves and a fast heart beat to match

It was August 12, 2017, and Liverpool were away to Watford. The Reds were leading 3-2 after falling behind twice, but the triumvirate that scored the goals would later terrorize defences for the following ten months.

As the final minutes approached, a Watford corner took place and a scramble, with a touch of controversy, resulted in an equalizer. The score 3-3 and two points dropped on the opening day.

While I was disappointed like every other Reds fan, my mind was not on the ignominy of a draw that had been yielded, but on anger displayed by Jurgen Klopp after the whistle and I took a trip down memory lane to Liverpool’s opening game of the 2016-17 season.

It was at Arsenal and for the opening parts, the game was tepid. Theo Walcott opened proceedings but on the stroke of half-time, the ex-magician that is Philippe Coutinho netted a brilliant equalizer that would set precedence for the activities that would follow.

Goals by Coutinho, Lallana and a mesmeric finish by Mane after evading and slaloming his way past two defenders, saw Liverpool race in to a 4-1 lead. That lead and savoury feeling would soon turn sour as a late Arsenal fightback saw the scoreline become 4-3.

Coutinho Equalizer against Arsenal, August 2016

Liverpool would however hold on for three precious points, points that would prove pivotal in the race for the top four.

While remembering all of this was rather frustrating, what I am trying to ascertain from this is that supporting Liverpool is a full-time job and requires commitment that has to be imperious; ones emotions needs to be fully invested in the cause that is the heavy metal football that has been implemented by the German Bloke whom goes by the name of Jurgen Klopp.

One minute you are on a feeling whereby every insurmountable task appears achievable, the next you are so down and low that depression sinks in and any affiliation with Liverpool is repudiated, albeit temporary.

It is only this team that can leave everything until the last minute, and achieve their respective goals, while at the same time leaving fans in a position of anxiety, dread and increased heart rates.


Captain Jordan Henderson celebrating reaching the Final

Sevilla away, Man City at home, Bournemouth away, The situation with the Romans, and many other match days and scenarios have resulted in Nerves being racked up and heart beats intensifying.

It is only with our beloved team that one minute everything appears rosy and the next instance, it feels as if the Grim Reaper has descended into our midst.

Against Roma at the famed Stadio Olimpico, within nine minutes, Sadio Mane did what five teams had failed to do in 450 minutes and netted a goal, while in the process, yielding the naming rights and declaring the ground the ‘Sadio Olimpico’ stadium.

With ten minutes left, surely a 7-4 lead on aggregate would render one calm, serene and happy…Nope. Radja Nainggolan, coupled with tired legs and a dubious penalty call, resulted in a nervy final few minutes and left every supporter clutching their hearts and hoping that extra-time would be avoided.

Thankfully it was avoided but the onslaught on one’s well-being was immense and the same pattern will be repeated when Real Madrid await Liverpool In Kiev.

Above all, the pleasure that is derived from supporting this riveting team can be equated to a romantic relationship; except that the Liverbird is more demanding.

With all the heart palpitations, migraines, anxiety attacks that come with supporting this esteemed football club, it is actually worth it, and long may our romantic relationship with Liverbird continue.


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