Daniel Sturridge on the rebound?

Is it too late?

Finding the net three times in the opening five games, Daniel Sturridge finds himself as Liverpool’s highest scorer heading into the Reds 2018 tour of the States.

It seems as if spending the latter half of the Premiership season with the newly relegated West Brom has really given Sturridge the realisation that he is becoming surplus labour at Anfield. With the ever-improving false number 9 in Bobby Firmino, the return of the hot and cold Divock Origi, and the young and hopefuls Dominic Solanke and Rhian Brewster starting to rise through the ranks it is hard to tell whether Klopp does have Sturridge in his plans this season, even with the rumoured transfer clean up about to hit the club.

All that is for sure, with the favoured 4-3-3 formation, the only striker position is really shaping up to be the most contested for in the next few years.

Show us what you’ve got! 

The number 15’s slick skill this pre-season has really caused a stir on social media this summer, with the majority of the #LFCFamily reminiscing over the strikers formidable 2013 season, calling for the striker to stay and cause a real race for the top spot on Jurgen’s team sheet. While the opposing opinion are with certainty predicting another anti climatic start to the season and another slap in the face with a dodgy hamstring.

So far this preseason, Sturridge has made it clear he intends to leave it all on the pitch, adopting a deeper role he has been quoted in a recent interview stating“Playing on the shoulder is what I like to do but it’s also important to come and get involved and get in and around the opposition’s No.6.”. A positive statement no doubt, adapting his game to suit the team is showing willingness and determination to get back in the team.


Give the fans what they want…. a bromance!

It seems as if Daniel Sturridge has developed a strong bond on and of the pitch with the other outstanding player this preseason, that red being Naby Keita. It is apparent that Naby Keita’s versatility and creativeness along with Sturridge’s forward thinking and finishing ability seems to be a match made in heaven. But for heaven’s sake we hope they don’t make up a dance routine for the goals they will be netting this preseason.

Goal prone or injury prone?

Here @LFCChatBlog, we believe that a transfer within the current market should be ruled out completely. Depending on injury status, a slice of healthy competition would be a bonus for the team in what could be Jurgen Klopp’s most competitive season yet. In the event that Sturridge doesn’t exceed expectation and is forced to the side-lines with yet another injury, then the likelihood of an over-priced transfer in the January market would be of more benefit. We would love to hear your opinion on what the next season holds for Daniel Sturridge, please tweet us @LfcChatBlog to let us know your opinion on what the future holds for the undoubtedly talented striker.




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