Does Origi deserve a second chance?

It’s easy to forget that Origi is still at the club.

After all, he was shipped out to Bundesliga club Wolfsburg last season after seeing himself fall down the pecking order. It was hoped that an extended run of first-team football would provide the catalyst to further his development.

It proved to be a disastrous decision.

His spell in Germany saw him produce a measly 6 goals in 34 appearances for Die Wolfe. During that time, his 43rd minute substitution against Hoffenheim in March proved to be his lowest point. That, and his exclusion from Belgium’s World Cup squad, left more questions than answers over his Anfield fate.

With Klopp looking to roll back the glory years, is Origi good enough for the Merseyside club?

First of all, let’s break down Origi’s spell with Wolfsburg. While there is no doubt that he performed poorly at the club, one must consider the circumstances he was in. The constant managerial changes left the team without an identity for much of the season, with the German team eventually having 3 coaches in a space of a year. Such unpredictability isn’t ideal for a young player who’s still learning his trade. Coupled with the burden of being the team’s focal point in attack, it proved too much for the Belgian.

And while it’s easy to remember his disappointing spell with Wolfsburg, we must not forget the impact he had for Liverpool in his first season with the club. Then, he was trusted by Klopp to spearhead the attack and led Liverpool to a memorable run in the Europa League. Even though he didn’t had the same impact in his second season, he still proved to be a useful option of the bench.

And finally there’s the matter of Liverpool’s other attacking options. With Sturridge likely to leave and Ings seeking a fresh start elsewhere, the Reds look bare up top. Sure, Solanke and Bhrewster are exciting young prospects, but they both lack experience. On the other hand, Origi has the experience of playing at the highest level. It’s easy to forget that he has played for a number of clubs and represented his country at the 2014 World Cup despite his tender age. To add on, he offers versatility that neither Solanke or Bhrewster has. Able to play in all the forward positions, it provides Klopp with the tactical flexibility to shake things up mid-match.

Considering the above circumstances, the former Lille should be granted a 2nd chance at Anfield. Add in the fact that Origi’s weekly wages are just £53, 700 per week makes keeping him worthwhile.

With a year left on his contract, time is running out for the 23 year old. This is his make-or-break season at the club, with another poor season likely to be his last for the Merseyside giants. Only time will tell if the Belgian will make the best of the chances afforded to him and earn a contract extension.


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