Liverpool’s spinal surgery

Back to the golden days?

What a week of transfers we have had, it finally seems as if FSG have decided to join to modern era of football and invest heavily in our squad.

With the recent investments and hopefully soon to be completed transfers, it is clear to see that Jurgen Klopp is focusing heavily on the structure of our team. With the extra additions (again hopefully) of Alisson, Keita, Fabinho and Fekir, this may well be the first time Liverpool have had a strong spine running through the heart of our team since the days of Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.

With the new additions being added to our already untouchable front three, the recent business is a real recipe for success. To glance back at our previous spells of glory, we have rarely achieved anything without a consistent form of class through the middle of our team, I know it’s an obvious statement to make, but really sometimes simplicity is key.

File photo dated 01-09-2007 of Liverpool’s Fernando Torres.

Why are we so successful in our transfers?

As a Liverpool fan, I am eternally grateful that FSG are finally breaking the bank to feed the hunger of an army of fans for a squad deep with consistent performers, but is it only FSG we have to thank? As any football fan knows the word ‘linked’ can be as much as a tease as anything in life, however, a Liverpool fan may be more sceptical of the word than any other. In past seasons Liverpool have been linked with household names only to be let down days or weeks later with a Mario Balotelli or Fabio Borini.

Stevie G wrote in his latest autobiography, he had the task of contacting Chelsea’s Willian to give him the nudge to join the Reds. But as all fans know when a player has a choice of top flight teams to choose from “the lack of European football” will always impact the players decision. As Liverpool fans worldwide can happily say “not our problem” coming from Jurgen Klopp’s defend from the front and attack from the back attitude, along with the players stellar performances, we know have the pull of European football on or side which is somewhat a huge factor in this summer’s transfer success.

Alisson reportedly turning away the likes of Real Madrid and Naby Keita snubbing the Catalan giants Barcelona can be nothing but a positive for our ever-growing squad.

Will it work?

With a growing squad the most censored whispers on social media from opposition punters are “how will they keep them all happy?” well frankly, with the Premier League, two domestic cups and one European competition facing the reds this season, I do not think any player who can kick a ball straight at Melwood will be short of minutes.

Not only the opposition fans have been sceptical about the signings made this summer, a minority of our own fan base has questioned whether Shaqiri our new no.23 is fit to wear the Liverpool colours. As a player with experience in the Italian German and English league it does leave the question why not? Serving 3 years in the Premier League as the outstanding player for Stoke it does seem he is a more suited player to choose than many others to bolster both our attack and depth. Dare I say it’s our year?




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