Only one Faulkner to go…


Your eyes do not deceive you. Well maybe they do. But that surely is a lean and of epic proportions.

As of 19th July 2018, Alisson son of Becker, no not Boris Becker…the Other one, became Liverpool’s new World Record GK!

A pause there is appropriate.



Is still Liverpool we’re talking about? The same one which scrounges around in bargain basement discount stores.

The same one which is intent on bargaining and hassling selling clubs to reduce player fees by a couple of million like that Italian nonna buying fish at the market for Saturday lunch?

My mind is in a daze right now because this deal communicates so much to me. Earlier, I said this…


It also tells me that players of Ali’s ilk – can I call him Ali? I’ve mentioned his name in discussions so much these past few days, I feel like I actually know him – now CHOOSE VOLUNTARILY to come to LIVERPOOL instead of London or Manchester.

All because of Klopp. All because of the project.

Sidenote: That’s the second player Agent Bobby has secured now for the Reds. The first being the equally deal blurry Rebeca Tavares and her sort of interesting husband, Fabinho.

That’s not the only reunion though!

So now, we are one Faulker Stone away from being able to summon the Title winning *Snap

We ignored our destiny before. Never again.

Welcome Ali. You’ll Never Walk Alone.

P.S. Before we get all excited about #10 Faulker. That’s Fekir’s New Albany name. Here’s what’s happening in Liverpoolville…


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