Extra Ingredients

Liverpool now have the talent to compete at the top, what they need is the know-how and that little bit of luck.

Much has been made of Liverpool’s pursuit of the very best players in 2017 & 2018.  The signings of Salah, Van Dijk, Keita, Alisson and Fabinho are examples of a ground shift by the club.  Half measures and second rates transfers will no longer cut it with a manager of the calibre of Jurgen Klopp orchestrating his wonderful tour de force football at Anfield.

Over the past couple of seasons, Liverpool have been aggressively going out and pinching top players, all of whom were linked with our fellow rivals at the top of the football tree.  It now means that the required quality and depth is in place for the club to compete for the top honours.  There can be no real excuses in this department.


What Liverpool will need to find from somewhere, which has been lacking in previous years, is that extra bit of know how and good fortune. It could make all the difference in determining whether not this season is deemed a success.

Lady luck is not a red

No supporter would have been overly surprised that Liverpool were statically proven to be the unluckiest side in the Premier League last season.  A total of twelve points were dropped in matches were decisions wrongly went against us. More than any over club.  Top class talent or not, there is no compensating for this kind of misfortune.


Liverpool have been undone in previous years by bad luck, with a combination of injuries or poor refereeing have costing us.  You only need to look at 08/09 when the all conquering Gerrard-Torres partnership was restricted to less than thirty Premier League outings due to injury.  No doubt, Liverpool’s challenge was hurt by not being able to call on such a greatly talented pair, who complimented each other perfectly.

This kind of luck needs to swing a bit more in our favour, more often this season.  Even things like favorable cup draws seem to elude the club.  Three times Liverpool were involved in domestic draws for the cups, all three yielded Premier League opposition.  Yes, you have to beat what’s in front of you, but when that side is a fellow top flight club with a puncher’s chance, it can often go against you in a one off game.  If our fortunes can hold a bit more favorably this season then it could make a massive difference to Klopp’s ambitions.

Digging deep

While luck can be either for or against you, the know-how bit comes from the players and the coaches.  This current crop of Liverpool players possess bags of a talent, with boundless ability to play some lovely football.  What has been our undoing is that crucial bit of know-how to get over the line in certain scenarios.

The majority of this current squad felt the sting of Kiev last May, when their brave and wonderful football was curtailed by Real Madrid.  On the night, we faced an opposition who simply know how to get the job done; it’s in their DNA for Los Blancos to win the very biggest honours.  Yes we all saw Ramos assault and injure Mo Salah, but that incident seemed to freeze the players.  Fatigue and tactics also took their toll, but you couldn’t help but feel that Madrid’s experience and ruthlessness almost gave them a head start.

Liverpool must now use that hurt, and the lessons learnt from it.  Three finals have been squandered with Klopp at the helm, an alarming trend that needs to be bucked.  They need to channel that pain, and use it to propel them in to making amends in the best possible way.  Klopp has said he wants his players to be play with anger, they should have plenty of it.

This talented bunch of players is capable of beating any side in the world on their day. If they can dig deep and find that extra bit of savvy, ruthlessness that the likes of United, Real or any other top side have shown whenever they have won multiple honours, there could be no stopping Klopp’s red machine this season.

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