Dawn of a New Age

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I am back to bore you with inferior intellect, underwhelming arguments, contentious conclusions and I am highly motivated so don’t argue with an idiot I will bring you down to my level and beat you with experience.

Moving swiftly on,  “The Dawn of a New Age is not the Age of Aquarius, that was the 70’s and 80’s with the tight pants and perm’ d   hair but I am very hopeful that the success of that bygone era has finally returned to the Red half of Liverpool. Not only with sporadic success stories and challenges that fade away, but with a sustained challenge across all fronts over the next decade for us, the Uber Fans, to finally enjoy.  We have a quality manager that is being backed by quality owners who are not throwing him under the buss the way Rafa was.   The added advantage being  that Linda is far better to look at that THicks and the Poisoned Dwarf.

Working on my often stated motto that a positive attitude might not solve all your problems but it will annoy enough people to make it worth your while these are my predictions for the season.

Top 2 100% guaranteed with a 50/50 chance along with City to finally “Bring it Home” the way England could not. I am hoping City have a great run in the Champions league, take their eye off the ball and drop points as the pressure mounts. Is this the year we actually lift Olde Big Ears? I think so.

3rd I will give this to Chelsea as they still have a quality squad, they have kept Hazzard and Wlliam. Thank you for taking the pressure off Alisson by paying a ridicules amount for a Kepa in a panic buy.  He is a good keeper but yet to establish himself as a world class one. They have the Peasant’s oil millions so who cares. They also have a very decent manager so I expect them to do well.

4th If I was fair and rational I might say United but I am not and don’t wish them anything except an implosion with “The Special Needs One” being fired so I am going for Arsenal. I have a sneaky feeling they will do well, quality manager, as we found out and a decent squad.

5th Spurs. With a thin squad one or two injuries could hamper their challenge.

6th Scum – dropping out of the top 6 would be a massive Christmas present, no offensive to our Muslim & Jewish fans… you are just missing out on a free bees, no one actually believes a fat man comes down any chimney.

7th, 8th 9th ….Who cares as long as it’s not ‘The Bitters” Actually I don’t mind where they finish as long as it’s below us and if it means knocking United lower even better.

What a great squad Klopp and his team have assembled.  How can we not be excited? My thought for the season,  Shaqiri will be the signing of the summer and the Neville’s will be forced to eat humble pie throughout the year.  Yes  he wins this one by a country mile but its just from a price perspective and it takes nothing away from Ketia, Fabinho and Alisson, if we can get double figures in both assist and goals from him as well as double figures from a rejuvenated Sturridge it will be that vital step up from last year that we need to bridge the gap to City in those games that we dropped silly points after  Champions league games and midweeks fixtures.  Add that to Alisson saving us an additional 10 to 15 points from an all-round perspective, not just mistakes distribution and counter attacks as well.  VVD being there right from the start will be a massive boost from a defensive perspective as well as a goal scoring perspective at the other end as he showed us last year and you can see why we have a really realistic shot at “Brining It Home”  Our starting 11 was as good as anything City could put out there if not better if you look at the results against them. We fell short with squad depth, injuries and tiredness due to the lack of quality in depth. We have addressed this in the off season rather spectacularly so there is no reason or excuse not to challenge on all 4 fronts.

I have just one gripe before the start of the season and that is those idiotic fans who think just because they have access to social media it gives them the right to be vitriolic. With are supposed more knowledgeable fan base, more and more morons are spewing unadulterated hate and criticism against some players that are integral to the success of the squad. They might have bad games or bad moments, they might make mistakes, there might be better alternatives out there in your opinion, but one thing is assured they are trying their best or else Klopp would not have them on the pitch.  Getting behind them, supporting them through thick and thin is all about being a Red supporter. It gladdened my heart to see the support for Karius at Anfield.  Everyone will make mistakes and yes it will cost us points and we have every right to gripe and moan about what could have been, but please within reason. This social media is out of control with petty little people thinking they have something worthwhile to say by obliterating players for their mistakes.  I might be an old fart, brought up with Sir Bob at the helm but please the next time anyone feels the urge please remember what we stand for “You Will Never Walk Alone”  that also includes Moreno our favourite scapegoat, I see he has been the target of the usual hate brigade.

To end off on a lighter note these are my thoughts and rule for the season ahead:

Forgive your enemy but remember the fella’s name

Money cannot buy happiness but it’s more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle

Help someone in trouble and they will remember you when they are in trouble again

Many people are alive because it’s illegal to shoot them

Alcohol does not solve any problems but then again neither does milk

Here’s to a great season… Enjoy the ride.




Keith van Vollenhoven

Born a Scouser, then left the north of England together with his parents for the sun in South Africa. Has been supporting the Reds for well over 50 years.

Thought the success in the 70's, 80's and 90's was the norm and now suffers from a severe hangover ever since. Time to get back up on our perch.

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