Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

So this is it, our day of reckoning.


We knew this would happen. It has, after-all, happened before, hasn’t it?

Suarez and Coutinho to Barcelona, Torres to Chelsea, Bišćan to Panathinaikos – and now you. Just as we began to believe that we would no longer be the jilted ex, no longer the secure but timid, lovable in a way, but only as a friend, content with second place, also-rans; we lose yet another hero to the big time bullies of world football.

That’s right, my friends. Ragnar Klavan is moving to Serie A giants, Cagliari.

The highly decorated champion of the illustrious and massively competitive leagues, recognisable throughout the world of football – Netherlands, Norway and Estonia – has decided to move onto pastures new. And who can blame him, he is the captain of his glorious country, second in the all-time list of appearances for the Sinisärgid (??), and led his team to the famous 3-0 win against World Cup finalists (and therefore second best team in the world) Croatia in front of 5000 adoring fans.

Let us not look back in anger or jealousy, or heartbreak at once again losing a love.

Let us rejoice: for the times we spent together; for the good times, the bad times, and all the in between times.

So while us forlorn, long suffering supporters of Liverpool Football Club brace ourselves for another few weeks of sitting around the house in our jimmy-jams, eating ice-cream from the tub, silently sobbing at the thoughts and memories we shared with our boy – just remember, when you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, because we had Ragnar. Not many teams (eight) have the honour of saying that.

Fare well over there in Sardinia, Raggy lad. Show them all why we loved you, and show them just how lucky they are to have you.

Majestic, like the gazelle escaping the lion


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