The Rise of Trent Alexander-Arnold

One of last seasons revelations has been that of teenage sensation Trent Alexander-Arnold. Towards the back end of the season he has really made the right back position his own and he now seems to be the first choice right back for Herr Klopp. Despite his age he has often shown that he can rise to the occasion and be a cool head at the back, the prime example of this for me would be the Champions league quarter-final Vs Man City. He managed to pocket Leroy Sane for an entire 90 minutes not giving him a sniff and considering Sane has had such a good season that he was given the PFA young player of the year award I think that the performance that TAA put in to keep him quiet is even more impressive.

Trent is a born and bred Scouser and I think that this really translates on the pitch. He might not be much of a leader on the pitch just yet, but I think that can only come with experience and it is something that we could see more of over the next season or two. However, in my opinion the reason he has proved a success this season is down to his attitude and the skill that he possesses despite his age and lack of experience. He has shown time and time again this seasons that mentally he is way above his years and he has the bottle to hold his own in the upcoming champions league final in Kiev. On a few occasions this season he has made big mistakes, who wouldn’t though? But what has impressed me most is his attitude to those mistakes, whenever he has made an error he seems to hold his hands up and take responsibility for them before looking at what he can do to make things right. I think that this attitude to his own personal progression is what makes him stick out, he may not be the most gifted defensive full back, but he has certainly impressed going forward and has clearly been putting in the effort to improve his defensive game.

His maturity in tense situations is the reason why his age is irrelevant, this is why he is being taken to the World cup in Russia this summer, this is why he was given the chance in the first team in the first place. He certainly has the ability to be a star player for LFC in the future, but his attitude towards his own personal improvement is what will get him there without any trouble. I am certain that no matter what this lad faces he will face it down and get through it purely with the aspiration of improving himself and pulling on that famous red shirt and playing in front of the Anfield faithful. His passion for LFC has made him an instant fans favourite and has given him the platform to potentially become a legend in the mould of Stevie Gerrard should he carry on the same trajectory that he is currently on. The Anfield crowd loves a scouser playing for their hometown club and TAA is the first that has stood out in that role since the newest Rangers boss Steve Gerrard.

I think that if Trent carries on progressing at the same rate that he is now then he will most definitely be a mainstay in the LFC side for future years and potentially could be the next player to take the mantle of captain from Jordan Henderson when he is finished with it. He certainly has the ability to play in the centre of the park in a box to box midfield role, the main issue in my eyes being his ability to control the pace of the game with his choices in midfield. This aspect of his game would almost certainly develop over time and it is just something that has yet to develop rather than being a short coming for him. This year has certainly been his real breakthrough season to get himself on to the scene, and his talent has shone a long way as he has been chosen to participate in the England squad despite never winning a cap for his country. If he has been noticed and honoured that much in a season where he just come onto the scene then I cannot wait until he has a few seasons of experience under his belt and see how he performs then. I am certain that this lad is the future captain of LFC and he could be an Anfield legend in the future.




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