FSG (Taking Liverpool from the brink of administration to financial stability)

The big debate between Liverpool fans over the last number of years has been are you ‘FSG IN’ or ‘FSG OUT’ but in my opinion over the past number of years those myths have been put to bed. In 2009 when Liverpool were run by, Tom Hicks and George Gillett, they were running the club into the ground to put it mildly. Our signings were diabolical! It was clear that ‘The Dallas Cowboys’ as they were known as at the time were destroying our club and according to a Christian Purslow quote: “the reds were just one day away from administration.” Christian was the man who brokered the deal with our new owners. He could clearly see the direction the previous regime were taking us!

Step in ‘New England Sports Venture’ (NESV) which is what they were known as before becoming ‘FSG’ (Fenway Sports Group) some years later. Like ‘Knights in shinning armour’ they came with a promise in Oct’10 to bring stability back to our prestigious club and take us back to where we belonged. The fans expected an unrealistic timescale for prompt changes and then turned on FSG, claiming that they were only here to make money just like the previous owners! This claim was greatly disputed by the owners, John W Henry and Tom Werner.


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Roy Hodgson was in charge when the new owners took over but his time was short-lived. His leadership came to an abrupt end after our 1st defeat to Wolves in over 27 years. I had the displeasure to be in the Kop for that match. The football was atrocious and you could feel the growing frustration in the stands. The fans were calling for Kenny Dalglish to be appointed. Hodgon lasted a little over a week.

The fans got their wish and King Kenny took the realm. The next big debate was the promise of a new stadium which didn’t materialize straight away, much to the discontent of our fanbase. Unlike the previous regime these owners had alternative plans, they decided to regenerate Anfield and the surrounding area. A new main stand would be built which would take the Anfield capacity to 54,000 thus creating 8,000 extra seats, with the possibility of more development in the future on another stand. FSG kept their promise and the stand opened in Sept’2016.

Even fulfilling their promise many fans were still not convinced and only our devoted fans could see that we were finally progressing and moving forward in the right direction!

Under the guidance of our present charismatic manager Jurgen Klopp, things were looking optimistic. You could see the football he wanted to play on the pitch was “heavy metal football” as Jurgen called it! It was exciting to watch and had you on the edge of your seat. Jurgen is superb at getting the most out of his players. He demands high intensity from them on and off the pitch. Jurgen loves his players to train hard and in preseason he’s known to have done treble training sessions which is obvious to see in the physical shape of his players. FSG have backed their managed 100% on and off the pitch and you can clearly see that our first title in years isn’t too far from fruition!

FSG have laid the foundations for stability of our club for years to come. With a new state of the art training facility to be built in Kirkby to be completed in 2020. It will see the first team move from Melwood to join up with the youth set up.

Klopp said: “Melwood is perfect for now, but with it’s size we cannot do one thing more. If we want one new office, we need to build a new floor”

I personally believe that FSG are here for the long-term. It has been rumoured that they turned down a £2 billion offer for the club from Sheik Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nehayan who is the cousin of the current Man City owner. He is part of the Abu Dhabi Family.

So my general synopsis is: ‘If FSG were only here from a financial point of view, why didn’t they snap the hand off Sheik Khaled when the offer was made. In my opinion, FSG are here to win things and the return of the glory days of our beloved club are now on the near horizon!’

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