How to get Liverpool tickets.. A simple guide for non-season ticket holders

Unfortunately, in the days and times of social media, the ease to deceive and fraudulently scam football supporters is on the increase, whether it be taking money and never providing tickets, providing fake tickets/membership cards with no match information recorded or even selling tickets on for a significant mark up, exposing either a lack of effort or a clear demand on the buyers behalf. This guide will hopefully allow people to understand the options available to them when buying Liverpool tickets as even when speaking with people who may have been scammed or may have spent significantly higher than the face value, the most common response is I didn’t know how to get them or I have a membership but I can never get tickets.


The minimum requirement to attend matches at face value is to hold an official membership with the exception of the local general sale (500 tickets for those in the L postcode area in the Upper Main Stand at £9) and friendlies. It is extremely rare that a league game or even a cup game reach the level of a general sale. These are seasonal and it costs £26.99 per year for a light membership which is the minimum required to purchase tickets.

League Matches

Premier League matches are sold to members in a number of different sales

  • Bulk Sales (July and November) – A number of tickets are available for members with the 1st sale for the majority of matches on sale to members who have recorded 13 matches in the previous campaign in July and November of a season. The next tier requires 4 matches from the previous campaign although the majority of matches with the exception of the “bigger games” (i.e Man Utd/Chelsea etc) drop to a free for all meaning members with no previous credits can try to buy tickets for matches. Generally the newly promoted sides are a free for all irrespective of if you attend 19/19 or 0/19 with the exception of if they are the final home opponent of the season (implemented since 14/15)
  • Local Sales – For members with an L Postcode, a limited number of tickets are available (normally around 500 at £9 each)
  • Late availability sales – A rotating sale that starts just over 2 weeks before a match (exact dates advertised on Liverpool website). If not lucky at the start of sale, continue checking as the match approaches as tickets are made available multiple times in the build up to a game. The games that have criteria drop as the game nears and the best chance of getting tickets is midweek matches where there is a lower demand generally with last season’s match with West Brom a prime example with tickets available even on the day including pairs of seats together.

Cup Matches

  • Before the start of the season, members can opt in to the Auto Cup scheme for the Champions League, FA Cup and League cup. This guarantees that in the event of a home match in a European competition, your seat is guaranteed subject to the payment being successfully processed. In recent years, pre-requisites from previous cup competitions has been required although the League Cup enrolment for this season was available to all members
  • In most circumstances, the initial sales will be for those not enrolled in the Auto Cup with previous history although dependent on the date/ time/ opposition and competition, these matches can filter down to all members, so it is advised that if you want to go, keep your eye on the information on the website.

Away Matches

  • Away matches are always sold to supporters who attended a number of matches in the previous season, although for cup matches, a small allocation can see the loyalty period extend back years. Dependent on the number of tickets awarded affects the starting point for criteria as the first sale is guaranteed for those with the loyalty.


  • If you are willing to pay a significant outlay on a ticket, the best and safest option is to buy hospitality direct from the club. You guarantee your seat and packages include programmes, meals, drinks and in some cases former players in attendance.

Secondary markets

  • If you are not buying direct from the club either through, my advice is to ensure you know the person you are buying from, be them family, friends or colleagues. Whilst there are some genuine people on social media and across the internet, there are numerous tales of scams occurring using these platforms with perpetrators often using alias’s or false names and even having multiple accounts who act as “thumbs uppers – people who provide false feedback to create a ruse that they are trustworthy”. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use them because they’ve benefitted me in the past but I would advise caution especially when even now on social media this week, you hear of people paying for tickets that don’t exist and being out of pocket or people going to the match to find out the tickets are fake or to meet somebody to collect tickets they’ve paid for who leave you and your 87 year old gran outside in the blistering cold.
  • Whilst not 100% foolproof or practical, wherever possible pay on the pickup of the tickets rather than transferring large sums in advance, seek evidence that they have the tickets in question. For membership cards ensure they provide you with evidence that the card has been activated for the game. Prices for each game can be found on the Liverpool website so you can check the price somebody is quoting, whether it be a person on social media or a number of websites where premiums are sold for seats which in a number of cases have proved to be non-existent. Liverpool Football Club is committed to tackling touts and ensuring a fairer distribution of tickets and have advertised this year for roles where the sole focus will be to eradicate touts.
  • There are a number of different types of sellers ranging from credit hunters (buying to ensure they can get tickets for a future game/get priority in future sales) to those who actively buy tickets to sell on for significant profit and of course those who see a spike in demand for tickets to certain games and take advantage of people’s desperation to get hold of tickets and say they have tickets, take money and then block you or disappear or just fail to turn up to hand over tickets or in some extreme circumstances, send a blank envelope to your address.


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