Klopp’s Winning Mentality

Herr Jürgen Klopp has brought his brand of heavy metal football to the Anfield faithful. A style of fast man to man pressing, attacking football which calls for flair and aggression. It has resulted in some positive side effects like, a winning mentality.
The Gegenpressing technique adapted by Klopp of which players having lost the ball pressurise the opposition player on the ball to regain possession.

Heavy Metal football rocks Anfield.

Naturally the object of playing a game of football is to win. But how many times in recent history have we played a game, where our heads have dropped after going a goal down or getting frustrated when things don’t go to plan? There was a time only oh so recently when I dreaded watching Liverpool play not knowing which team was going to turn up. There was no winning mentality infused into team morale. Steven Gerrard, back then was a single player could only do so much. Mediocre managers and inexperienced managers came and went and left the Liverpool fans disillusioned and angry at seeing top quality players come in give us hope of even the glory of 2001 returning, only for the likes of Fernando Torres And Luis Suarez dissapear over the hills to other clubs. It’s hard for a team to pick itself up and carry on when the owners of the time, Hicks and Gilliett were bickering in public and dragging the club’s reputation through the mud. It was a dark chapter in Liverpool’s history.

A New Messiah

With Klopp’s arrival in Autumn 2015 a new outlook and passion and team spirit has grown. The winning mentality is back and so too is, Fortress Anfield. Records are being broken by individual players, swagger and style is back on Merseyside. The sweetest sounding music of a particular brand of heavy metal is being played at Anfield. It’s a huge hit. Jürgen Klopp’s detractors point out gleefully, “but yea, they haven’t won any silverware. Liverpool have played in and lost three finals under Klopp.”

Bandying this argument around the place is ridiculous as to not understanding the achievements of the manager in such a short period of time. The foundations are being laid to create a winning template at Liverpool. The remarkable team spirit and resilience and quality of this team is envied by other top clubs. The importance of players renewing their contracts cannot be overstated, nor can how vital it is for the development of the academy in producing top class players.

19 year-old Alexander-Arnold has benefited from the Klopp factor.

The emergence of Generation X, the likes of Nat Phillips, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Curtis Jones, Rhian Brewster and goalkeeper, Caoimhin Kelleher means the future of Liverpool is very exciting indeed.
This is the different under Klopp and FSG, in recent times, Mane and Salah would have been sold to Barcelona or Real Madrid or Manchester City even. We’re back where we belong challengers for the title and striking fear in Europe. No club in the Champions League is relishing the thought of coming up against Liverpool this season. A team hellbent and focused on banishing the demons of the 2018 Final, where Ramos crippled Salah. This is motivation enough for the players, a target to aim for. That first trophy will definitely open the floodgates.

A recent statement was made by Gary Neville, who said Liverpool should focus on the domestic side of things and forget Europe.
Opinions of a former Manchester United player is irrelevant. Now we’ve got a squad that can challenge for the Premier League and glory in Europe.

Firmino celebrations in front of the fans in the 2:1 victory over Spurs at Wembley.


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