Player Ratings: Spurs 1-2 Liverpool

5 out of 5, the best ever start for Reds in Premier League history. Resilience, consistency and confidence pushes the formation of our terrific dominance. Loads of positives could be taken from the game against Spurs, here are my player ratings.

Alisson: 7
Not hard to notice that he’s learnt a lot from the mistake he made in the last game, confident distributions throughout the game, direct clearances in decisive moments. The late goal of Spurs has nothing to do with him.

Trent: 6
The milestone of 50th senior appearance didn’t seem too perfect. Sometimes a little bit sloppy and easily gave the ball away, leaving much space behind. But overall it’s an ok display and he’s sufficient time to grow and flourish.

Gomez: 7
A hesitation of him nearly gave Lucas a one-on-one opportunity in the second half but apart from this he did brilliantly, helping Trent reinforce the defence of right hand side and having the courage and confidence to do forward passes.

Virgil: 8
The difference he’s brought since he came can’t even be described by words, a pure phenomenon. His composure, vision and spot-on prediction to danger, with the aid from Gomez, made the World Cup golden boot holder dejected and destroyed. A warrior, a leader, a vocal role in the back line.

Milner: 9
” I once tweeted that didn’t really know what James Milner was on the football pitch. I do these days, and owe him an apology. He’s a terrific, versatile and intelligent footballer. My bad.”

Keita: 7
A generally plain game but still has many detailed cheerful positives. He’s actively pressing, trying to win the ball back, getting involved more in attack with the same high participation in defence. Premier League is tough to acclimatise to but he definitely has what it takes to become a great.

Gini: 8
First ever away goal for him, which demonstrated his progressing maturity and aplomb in strange big stages. Seamlessly implemented the things the manger assigned him. Now he’s been an absolute box to box midfielder.

Mane: 6
Not on fire today, squandered some chances that could have killed the game off, but he’s still a pivotal role in the defence to attack transition. If he could regain the sharpness he showed in the previous few games, the Champions League night against Paris would emit all the spotlights to him.

Firmino: 8
His skills are pure beauty and a strong manifestation of his itch to play beautifully. No one on this planet could keep the ball on feet better than him. Don’t know how many times he dropped deeply and won the ball back then got rid of the marks and started counterattacks. A goal is a well-deserved reward for him and wish him well quickly.

Salah: 7
Very close to score and had some great chances but didn’t seize them. A bit unlucky in some clinical moments but it’s easy to see he’s been more and more unselfish and created many opportunities for teammates. To reach the same height of last season is just a matter of time.

Hendo: didn’t shine too much but at least did what he should do, solidifying the midfield at the late phase of the game.
Sturridge: didn’t have enough time make impacts, looking forward to his performance in Tuesday.

Conclusion: some people would say the results flatter us a little bit but in the game we could really see the obvious changes Klopp has made, the most important of which is our ability to keep consistent, grind out the result and hold on to the final whistle. This year, we have to take the final step in our chase for silverwares!


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