Player ratings: Liverpool 3-0 Southampton

6 out of 6 in the league, top of the table, another clean sheet, 7 wins in a row. The mania of Liverpool fans is getting increasingly overwhelming as a result of the increasingly cheerful and promising performances by our players. This year 100% belongs to Liverpool. Here is my player ratings.

An emphatic start from the Reds, laying the solid foundation for the entire season.

Alisson: 8
A relatively cushy game for him but what makes a goalkeeper stand out is whether he could keep concentrated under little pressure. Today Alisson perfectly illustrated that with a great save in the late phase of the game. He was trying to build the attack from the back from the first minute, which demands a lot from his skills and composure but he did fantastically.

Trent: 8
Didn’t receive too much pressure and generally a decent display. His sky-high confidence makes him look like he’s played over 600 games for Liverpool. Finished his task well last night and assisted Matip in a corner.

Matip: 9
Really surprisingly astonished by his form given that he’s hasn’t get enough minutes for so long. It seems we’ve got another Virgil on the pitch. Unassailable defensive awareness and positioning with the bonus of scoring a beautiful header makes him my MOTM.

Matip made his first start for Reds this season and put in a sublime performance.

Virgil: 9
Played solidly as always. Every time when I wrote Virgil’s ratings I don’t know how to say something new because he’s the most consistent player I’ve ever seen. Pulled off many crucial blocks and clearances in the first half and his partnership with Matip is like a huge wall that Donald Trump has been looking for. Given that he didn’t play the full time, I give him 8. Wish him a speedy recovery.

Robertson: 8
Several months ago he said no one would want the kit of a left back. Robbo please name a fan who doesn’t want yours now. He clearly knows when to step up when to sit back, effectively suffocating the left side attack of Southampton with his rapid pace and intercept ability. Expect he’ll rest in the midweek.

Henderson: 8
The skipper who has been much-maligned showed massive mentality in the recent games and last night in the first half, his sprinting take on silently but strongly hit back at those who claimed him conservative. His vision, coupled with his long pass ability, makes him a machine of dealing with the mess of midfield and defensively he’s been getting better and better as well. A really cheerful performance.

Gini: 7
As the midfielder who has played most minutes in our squad this season, he still looked active and positive and did much dirty work in this game. His fatigue stifled his attacking form a little bit but generally a normal game for him. Now he should get some rests.

Shaqiri: 7
This man has become our No.1 secret weapon now. It’s easy to see that he’s trying his best to link up with our trio and industriously press the back line of opponents. Even though sometimes he lost the ball, he would initiatively won the ball back. His long-distance free kick that hit the post but assisted Salah further showed that what a versatile player he is. This little guy stores big energy and potential in the body and there’s much more to come for him, 100%. Given that he only played half time, I give him a 7.

Shaqiri would be the NO.1 secret weapon for Reds this season.

Firmino: 7
Every team needs a player like Bobby who can move and pass agilely in little space. In the first half his combination with Salah was simply brilliant, including the one in the box and the long ball to Salah. Dropped very deep sometimes to organise attack. But seemed not very sharp on a one-to-one chance against defenders. I firmly believe he could do better as a striker and score in the next game.

Mane: 6
A plain match for our top scorer this season. He seemed a bit out of system last night, without getting too many chances and without creating many chances either. There’s still huge room of improvement for him, which is for sure. Looking forward to him shinning again in the next few weeks.

Salah: 7
Egyptian King is going through the toughest spell since his arrival to Anfield but it’s not hard to notice that he’s left all of the chances he’s missed behind his mind. He’s really energetic last night and the combination with Firmino several times just revealed that he played comfortably in the system. The goal he scored showed his pace and awareness to a rebound ball. A bit unfortunate for him in some circumstances. No doubt that he’ll come back stronger.

Milner: 8
No more words required, a serious contender for the player of the season.

Gomez: 8
As good as Matip and Virgil in this match.

Didn’t make too many impacts because of the short of game time.

Now what most matters to us is don’t be arrogant because our tough run of fixtures is going on and it’s just early days for this season. But fans have the reason to cheer in the bar, players have the reason to feel much more inspired and confident. Let’s keep supporting our Reds!



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