The currency that is Consistency…

Liverpool defeated Leicester 2-1 to maintain their perfect start to the season and sit top of the league, with four played, four won- A sweet sight to behold heading into the international break.

With the unwanted extra time that this will yield, my mind shifted through the various terms that have passed since the famous nearly year of ‘2013-14’.

Arsenal February 2014 – image courtesy of

Though not a wonderful experience and a painful one at that- reminiscing about previous years- the number associated with the Reds’ wins in this embryonic campaign sprung to mind: Four.

That is the number of games that the men from Merseyside tend to win in a row in the league, and then capitulate if wishing to extend any streak beyond the number four.

Apart from the famous Eleven-game-winning-streak in the ‘nearly-year’, the only other winning sequence that stretched beyond the number four was in February 2015, against our next opponents, Tottenham, where victories against Southampton, Man City, Burnley and Swansea occurred, ensuring five victories in a row.

Apart from the sporadic sequences of winning four in a row in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons, Liverpool have failed to venture beyond the cursed number, either suffering unwanted defeats or avoidable draws when reaching the hurdle associated with five.



Including the final-day victory against Brighton, coupled with the four that has been won this term, that is five, though one could argue about the weight that the former carries now.

What is expected now of the Reds is that along with their offensive strengths and new-found defensive resilience, they will have to add what has lacked for many years: Consistency.

According to, Liverpool are favourites to finish behind Man City this season.

The consistency to string a couple of victories that will enable them to keep in touch with the teams around them, or to separate themselves from the teams that are near them.

To win in their trademark Rock n Roll manner and be ugly and ‘dirty’ when conditions are against them, week in, week out.

To prove themselves worthy when external forces deem them not and to rise above adversity when the going gets tough.

To accumulate consecutive victories that exceeds the cursed number that shall not be mentioned.

But above all, to show that consistency can be achieved while wearing the famed Liverbird, and yield the targets that have been set.

Jordan Minnaar

Ardent Liverpool supporter, language learner and lover, to an extent

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