Undue Pressure on Mo Salah


Salah signed for LFC in June ’17 for £36.9 million. He is the signing of the decade, making an immediate impact and scoring on his debut. Being a natural winger he showed his versatility by playing either as a forward or an attacking midfielder. Salah’s speed, agility & dribbling skills were backed up by his superb technique.

He has an instinctive hunger to score. Klopp said, “He is lethal in front of goal & not only does he score but he sets up goals for he teammates. A star had arrived at Anfield but we had no idea how much of an impact he would make!

Salah went on to break LFC records left, right, & centre, scoring an incredible tally of twenty goals in twenty-six games. His unbelievable record at the end of his debut season records thirty-six goals in the PL. He also helped get our team to the Champions League final!

Salah ended the season with a tally of forty three goals in all competitions winning him a total of thirty six awards in one season. He won ‘PFA Player of the Year’ and the much accredited ‘Golden Boot’

Salah also represented Egypt in this years World Cup, thus going on to win ‘African Player of the Year’. Salah is treated like a king in Egypt, and is known to LIverpool fans as ‘The Egyptian King’.


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Salah said, “My form last season was all about consistency and the key been hard work. Jürgen brings out the best in me, and makes me perform better, it’s his strength, he said his CONFIDENCE WAS HIGH & that’s why the goals kept coming. He’s not just our boss but he is a friend to everybody”

Salah signed a new long term contract for LFC until 2023 saying, “ He can see what lies ahead for Liverpool FC in the future under Jürgen Klopp and is very happy here.”

Klopp replied by saying,“This news is important as it sends out a statement of intent in terms LFC’s status in the football world having him commit to our club.”

What he’s achieved last season along with Klopp and the team rejuvenated our club, brought back belief but most importantly created a superstar. All his hard work paid off and he’s now known globally as a world class player.

Mohamed Salah Receives The Players Player of the year and the Newspapers writers Player of the year from Kenny Daglish (via Getty Images)



Yes his Egyptian fan base is absolutely incredible, but they can also be extremely harsh on Salah if they believe his performance is not up to scratch. I have been reading the comments and instead of offering encouragement, the fans directly tell him where’s he’s going wrong and how he MUST improve.

Do you think this would help any professional player who’s confidence seems to be slightly obscure at the minute? I don’t, and his form is nowhere near as dismal as people are suggesting. Have a look at these stats comparing last season to this season:

He has still scored three goals and an assist in the Premier League, which shows a fine line between the two seasons.

Even though his smile has faded for now, he never stops during a game. His desire to score and win are instilled in him.  I have no doubt that the smile will be beaming again but we need to be patient!

All those chances he’s having will eventually end up in the net, but we can’t expect him to repeat what he achieved last season. I believe It’s an unfair expectation .

What Mo achieved last year was absolutely phenomenal, and this is were the pressure from our fans comes in, as these are unrealistic expectations for him to do the same again this season.

If you watch Mo for ninety minutes he’s constantly changing positions, trying to close down players, and as soon as we lose possession he’s trying to win it back. If an attack is imminent he’s already flying up the flanks, or through centre midfield constantly looking for the ball. The only thing he wants to do is score, or if a pass is on for a teammate they’ll get the ball – no question!


We all know what Mohammed Salah is capable of and how talented he is, and due to his incredible season last year fans are expecting the same again this year. Understandable? Absolutely! Realistic? Unlikely! Especially to the same extent as last season.

I have no doubt Mo will still have a great season as he’s a super talent and I do believe his confidence and form will return, and the goals will come, but it is now up to us as fans to take the foot of the peddle and release the pressure he is being put under. You can see it on his face that he’s feeling it and not happy with his performance, but then listening to and reading the criticism from the fans can only make it more difficult for him to boost his own confidence.

We are truly blessed to have him at our club and he will continue to shine for years to come but right now we need to be patient, and maybe lower our expectations slightly as it’s near impossible for any player to achieve what he did last season again this year.

Mo we still love you and believe in you. Patience is a virtue and he’ll shine again for sure!  YNWA

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