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The team at Fields of Anfield Road are always keen to engage in discussion and debate with our readers and fellow Liverpool fans. That’s why we’ve been sending the call out on Twitter for supporters to DM us, or leave a comment in our regular match reports, and share their thoughts on each game. The responses come from far and wide, and we’ve included this week’s best ones below. Thanks to everyone who got involved, and we’re looking forward to even more responses next time! Please remember to be respectful of the views of those who contributed and let’s keep the debates friendly.

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John from South Carolina, USA – @JohnnoKop18

“Some people are complaining that we didn’t get three or four goals, but I’ll take a pragmatic win over what we’d been doing over the last few seasons in those games. No need to make things more difficult than they need to be. Also, Callum Chambers is a shithouse”

Callum Chambers is indeed a shithouse and probably should’ve seen red, not that we needed it. Do you agree with John though that too much emphasis is being put on Liverpool not annihilating teams this year? Are calm, solid wins better than anxiety-ridden 4-3 results?

Uwais from Bradford, UK – @Uwais25357217

“Fulham irritated us for the first 40 minutes, and we struggled to break them down. However, we did have a few good moments through intricate passing between Mo and Bobby, although, Salah should’ve done better in those positions.

“On first glance, I thought Mitrovic was onside for the disallowed goal, but the replays showed that the linesman got it bang on. The best part about Salah’s goal was the quick thinking from Alisson to launch the counter. I feel that Karius or Mignolet wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to do that.

“My only reservation is that we need better deliveries from corners. Too many times we failed to beat the first man. I thought Fabinho and Robbo were excellent, but the man of the match was Shaq.”

Uwais rightly gives credit to Alisson for setting up the opening goal. The match could’ve taken a different path if it wasn’t for the ‘keeper’s outstanding play. Do you agree that Mignolet or Karius wouldn’t have done the same though? How did you rate Fabinho’s performance? Do we need to address our attacking corners?

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Steve from Australia – @kovacsteve

“Another routine win in the League. I thought we were slow and sloppy at the start of the game though, and we almost gifted Fulham two goals. In that sense, we were lucky not to be trailing in the first half.

“I don’t like Mo up the middle with Bobby as the 10. Mo scored his goal from a wide run and looked good each time he received the ball on the right compared to his more central role. Having said that, Salah looks to be getting back to his best.

“The biggest negative though was the lack of drive from midfield once again. I just feel Fulham had too many chances considering they’re bottom of the league.”

Steve has given an honest assessment of the fact that Fulham started the game well and Liverpool gave them too many chances to snatch an upset. Do you agree Salah’s best position is out wide though? What should we do about the midfield?

Cyril from Cameroon – @kc_flourish

“We started the first half slowly, and I was relieved when we went up the tunnel with a lead. When we came back onto the pitch, we were brilliant and had Fulham in our back pocket. However, I do feel that Mane needs more intensity and concentration. Right now, something’s off about him.”

Cyril’s right that Liverpool were able to go into cruise control during the second half, but do you agree with his opinion on Mane? Is the Senegalese flyer lacking in intensity and concentration, or is it something else?

Zach from Virginia, USA – @zachernitzer

“Coming into this game off of the poor showing at Belgrade I thought it could’ve gone either way early on. Fulham had some big chances in the first half, but Salah’s goal seemed to take the wind out of their sails.

“What a beauty of a first-time cross from Robbo into a volleyed finish from Shaq! Our Swiss tank seems to thrive whenever he’s on the pitch, and Robbo’s vision is incredible. The Scotsman was the man of the match for me.”

Zach’s the first person to give the man of the match award to someone other than Shaqiri. Do you agree that Robbo could be just as deserving after his excellent performance?

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There were a few interesting points raised in the comment section of the match report too. One thought that struck me came from herrdoktorprofessor.

“After 12 games last year we were 5th on 22 points, and Manchester City were already 8 points clear. We’re definitely making progress, but we’re not where we need to be. We might have our best season in 40 years and still lose the title by 10 points. At this pace, City will finish the season with a +98 goal difference. That’s insane!”

Fredib shared these sentiments with his summation of the League.

We’re 12 games into season and unbeaten. I love that Klopp is making LFC history. The strange part is that even an unbeaten run until the end of the season could see us finish 2nd. Hopefully we’ll get an edge over City by beating them at the Etihad.”

It’s hard not to be concerned about what Manchester City are doing considering they’re swatting away basically every side the play. You do have to wonder where they’ll drop points and when we’ll be able to take advantage. Do you think we should be focussing more on ourselves though and leave worrying about City to the City fans?

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Thanks again to all of our readers who sent in their thoughts after the game, your contributions are valued! What’d you make of their opinions on the match? If you want your voice heard and views published on FOAR, then DM us at @FOARsite, or alternatively, leave a comment below our weekly match reports after each game and tell us your thoughts in roughly 100 words. Remember to include your name and location in order to be credited correctly.

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