All Because the Lady Loves Liverpool – Interview with Patrick McBride

When Cadbury decided to resurrect the most recognized advert in history, the Milk Tray Man’s “And all because the lady loves…” Originally aired in 1968. Patrick McBride, a model and firefighter with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service was one of 20,000 hopefuls who auditioned for the new Milk Tray advert in 2016. Donning his firefighter uniform at the audition, the then 39 year old Liverpool FC fan was chosen to be the leading man in the £3 million advert, shot on location in Mongolia.

Patrick McBride, The Milk Tray Man.

Patrick being the seventh Milk Tray Man in the long running Cadbury adverts, discontinued in 2003 until a 100 year century special edition in 2016. Selling over 8 million boxes of Milk Tray per annum, Cadbury’s longest running product is particularly popular at Christmas time. A fond memory for many as indeed are the cult adverts, they’ve lived long in the memory of those who’ve seen them with great fondness. The collection of Milk Tray adverts are regarded as some of the greatest ads ever to be produced for TV.

I spoke with The Milk Tray Man himself, Patrick McBride, a lifelong Liverpool fan in this festive cheer interview on his thoughts on Liverpool FC and that advertisement.

1. How old were you when you started to follow Liverpool and what’s your earliest Liverpool FC memory?

I’ve been a Liverpool supporter all my life thanks to my Grandfather! I was always told stories from my Uncle who worked with the Kirkby boys team were we lived, about Terry McDermott and Phil Thompson. Two Kirkby lads living the dream. I remember watching the reds on tv during the 80’s until I got to go to my first match in 1987 which was Ian Rush’s last game before he left for Juventus. I remember how delighted I was as a child each Christmas getting the latest Kit, the ‘85 – ‘86 Crown Paints, both home and away, was my favourite. My favourite memory too of a double winning season. Football and Liverpool really became an obsession then.

Terry McDermott

2. Who’s your  favourite player? Past & present?  

That’s such a tough question! as I’ve seen so many great Liverpool sides and players and met some too! Kenny Dalglish is my hero as he is for most, even down to his number seven being my lucky number. I have had a few love affairs over the years Torres, Suarez, Steven Gerrard and more recently, Mo Salah, Virgil Van Dijk, and Andy Robertson. But I’m a lover of people who fight and embody what our beloved club is about and always give 100%.

Kenny Dalglish

3. Do you think FSG have done a good job with the club?  

I do think they have done a good job. We’ve had to be patient and build the club back properly instead of the Chelsea, City quick fix and I respect that more even though it’s been frustrating at times. I think were in good hands and with Jurgen,  at the helm for hopefully a very long time and we will continue to have many great times and memories which is what makes supporting Liverpool so great.

4. what do you think of the new Liverpool purple kit? Does it remind you of a box of Milk Tray? 🙂  

I love the purple kit! We play really well in it which is even better! May have to ask if I can Have one with MTM on the back ha.

5. If Klopp was a chocolate bar which one would he be?   

He’s a hazelnut swirl which is my favourite, No nonsense honest and everyone loves them. You wouldn’t wanna mess with Jurgen either just like that tough Hazelnut centre.

6. Do you get recognized walking down the street  after the Milk Tray advert came out in 2016?  

I have been recognised a lot, funniest times are when I’ve been doing my main job as a firefighter and people recognise me. They always ask “ Where’s the polo neck?” or “Where’s your Chocolates?” ha. I think its great and love meeting people anyway.  

7. What will 2019 bring for you?   

I’m not sure what 2019 will bring if I’m honest. I like the mystery behind my Milk Tray Missions so I’m told as and when they’re happening.   Usual Fire and Rescue service stuff and hopefully some Trophies for the Red Men along the way.

8. Finally describe yourself in five words.

  Thoughtful, Daring, Sensitive, Loving, Passionate.

My thanks to Patrick for being such a great sport in partaking in this interview and I’ve left an upstairs window slightly ajar this evening so the missus is expecting her box of Milk Tray on the locker.


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