FOAR Interview: Richy Sheehy and the Mo Salah Song

In January of this year two things happened that Liverpool fans will always remember. The signing of Virgil van Dijk and Kevin Murphy, Cork’s biggest fan singing THAT song. ‘We’ve Got Salah’ was viewed on YouTube a couple of times and went viral practically overnight.

Inspired by the sale of Coutinho to Barcelona for a mega deal of £142 million last January, Richy Sheehy created his alter ego, Liverpool fan, Kevin Murphy singing a song from his bedroom about Salah, Mané and Firmino to remind the Liverpool fans of the talent we still possessed despite Coutinho leaving us. Richy says he definitely wasn’t expecting the huge response it generated after uploading the song on YouTube. Jamie Carragher and Robbie Fowler became big fans of the song and Oasis star, Noel Gallagher asked SoccerAM to invite Richy onto the show. Even Jürgen Klopp is a fan as he got to meet the Liverpool squad after their game against Spurs last February. After such a stratospheric success with ‘We’ve Got Salah.’ I caught up with Richy Sheehy for a chat about how he thinks Liverpool are doing this season in a exclusive interview for FOAR.

1: What’s your views on how Liverpool are doing this season currently 2nd behind City? 

We’re still unbeaten with 12 wins out of 15 so I think you have to be happy with that.

2: Do you think Klopp must deliver silverware this season? 

No, we’re rational people, we can see there are very fine margins in football and being on an upward trajectory is always a positive. If we are consistently there or thereabouts and continue improving then silverware will come. I think you have to enjoy the journey as well as the destination, it should feel pretty great after the last 2 games. (Burnley and Everton)

3: Do you think Fabinho and Shaqiri should be getting more gameplay? 

This time last year people would have said the same about Robertson and look where he is now. I don’t think we’re really in a position to question the management on this. They see the new signings in training and they need to make sure these guyadapt to the system as the cost of little mistakes is the very fine margins mentioned earlier between winning trophies and not.  There clearly is a plan in place and these guys know a lot more than we can know about each individuals situation so I think we need to trust Klopp.

4: What you think of the rumours of FSG selling LFC? Do you think they should? 

I’m quite content with FSG, I remember Hicks and Gillett and how utterly miserable those days were. I was there after an SOS meeting when we had to accost George Gillett in a hotel lobby to get answers. How tragic is it when it needs to come to that? I’m thankful for what we have and I believe FSG can and will deliver.   

5: Will we get anyone in the January transfer window ieFekir, Ramsey, Pulisic, or Rabiot? 

I don’t comment on speculation since the circulation of rumours regarding myself and Marisa Tomei. 

6: How is life after THAT song? 

It’s been a roller coaster year for me, as a stand-up comedian going from playing some of my best gigs this year to being kicked off my friends Netflix for watching seedy content. 

I’m always gigging and I’ve a few projects that I’m excited to be working on, and Liverpool being back amongst the contenders obviously makes life easier! 

7: Any amusing stories to tell us about when you met the players & Klopp when the We’ve Got Salah song was a viral hit?

It’s hard to pick from the top of my head as there was so much going on, the whole experience was incredible, I found it ludicrous and hilarious that a red top newspaper journo got my phone number through a connection with an old friend from school and asked if I would wear a GoPro on my head meeting the team. 

Nice to meet you Jurgen Klopp, don’t mind the big camera on my head, it’s just this exclusive for the Mirror!’ 

Meeting Klopp, Bobby, Salah and Mane was incredibledespite my head feeling particularly cold from not having a GoPro attached. Getting a Klopp hug is probably the best thing that has come from the video for me.  Mo stayed back for a good few minutes after talking and I whipped out some Arabic that an Egyptian comedian friend told me to say, Mo’expression was priceless. he told me that it’s ok but I shouldn’t say what she told me to say. She still claims she said nothing wrong. At least Mo found it funny!  

My thanks to Richy for agreeing to the interview, and I’ve promised him the usage of my Netflix account and Marisa Tomei’s phone number. 


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