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The team at Fields of Anfield Road are always keen to engage in discussion and debate with our readers and fellow Liverpool fans. That’s why we’ve been sending the call out on Twitter for supporters to DM us, or leave a comment in our regular match reports, and share their thoughts on each game. The responses come from far and wide, and we’ve included this week’s best ones below. Thanks to everyone who got involved, and we’re looking forward to even more responses next time! Please remember to be respectful of the views of those who contributed and let’s keep the debates friendly.

Evan Keppel from Kansas, USA – @DivockOrigi96

“The big question throughout the year has been when will we finally find the form we had last year? I would say without a doubt that today was the day where that finally happened. For the first time this season, we looked a consistent threat for the full 90 minutes and pinned a decent Bournemouth side back mostly to their end of the pitch.

“A lot of credit has to go to the midfield, especially Naby Keita, who helped us going forward and put pressure on the Bournemouth defence.

“Additionally, Mo Salah was unstoppable today, and for the first time this year, he looked like the Salah of last season. Overall, it was clearly our best performance of the season, and it’s now something to build on with a vital stretch of matches coming up.”

Cracking contribution from Evan here, and a great Twitter handle to boot. Another reader who’s spot on with their view of the match, how big a role did Keita play in the win in your opinion?

AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool FC - Premier League : News Photo

Ashvin from Pahang, Malaysia – @Ashvin11LFC

“The sooner we get Gomez, or even Lovren, back, the better. Matip still looks very shaky. A couple of early lapses in concentration from him almost saw Bournemouth take the lead.

“However, it’s another win where we barely had to go beyond 3rd gear to ensure the 3 points. The victory was never in doubt, and it was a controlled performance.

“Firmino looks like he’s getting back to form and he linked up well with Salah. It looks like they both are realising their roles in Klopp’s new system. Shaqiri is the midfield creator we need (until we sign Fekir). Fabinho and Keita were excellent again. Milner should be sharing the RB role with TAA now.”

Ashvin’s absolutely correct with his assessment of most of the midfielders, and a lot of credit has to go to Klopp for getting his tactics right and adjusting within the new system. Do you agree with Ashvin about Matip though? Or has the big man done enough to retain his place until Gomez’s return?

Aaron from Liverpool, UK – @aaronthomsonn

“That was a flawless performance. There were no negatives. Salah proved that he’s still one of the best players in England, if not, Europe.

“We look very strong and seem to be improving with every game. Naby Keita was fantastic. To summarise, I’d say that was the best performance of the season, hands down.”

It’s great to hear from Aaron again. It’s hard to refute anything he’s said here, but were there any negatives you took out of the game? Or do you agree that the performance was impeccable?

AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool FC - Premier League : News Photo

There were some great comments from the match report too. One of the best came from RedOrDead (different chap to the one writing this piece mind you).

“We believe again! Just on point for Salah to slam a hat-trick in before the Napoli game. Having lost Gomez and playing Millie at RB Klopp sensibly rested some players and let others loose.

“We comfortably made Bournemouth look like a bottom 6 team rather than the 7th they deservedly were. Granted we got lucky a bit with Wilson being out and that 1st offside goal, but the game was never in doubt really.”

He makes a great point about how easily we dispatched the Cherries, especially considering how regularly the commentators and pundits fawn over their ‘terrific football’. Were you surprised at how easy we made it?

Dennis Chong also shared his thoughts in the comments.

“42 points from 16 games. This is even better than 1987/88 even though we appear to be stuttering this time, unlike the 87/88 team who trashed everybody (so many 4-0 or 4-1 spankings back then).

“Not bad for a ‘Tame Terror Trio’ or a midfield three that’s got no forward drive. Now with Keita and Fabinho beginning to take on bigger roles, our midfield will be sorted out and the ‘Terror Trio’ will soon be back in business.”

Great insight here from Dennis. Do you agree that Keita and Fabinho can help carry the team forward? Or is there someone else that should be considered?

Keep Them Coming!

Thanks again to all of our readers who sent in their thoughts after the game, your contributions are valued! What’d you make of their opinions on the match? If you want your voice heard and views published on FOAR, then DM us at @FOARsite, or alternatively, leave a comment below our weekly match reports after each game and tell us your thoughts. Remember to include your name and location in order to be credited correctly.

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