Klopp’s Pre-United Presser

The boss will spoke to the press ahead of the big one on Sunday. Just skip to 10:10 in the video and enjoy.

Jose Mourinho held his presser a bit earlier, so give it a read. This is the summary given by Manchester Evening News.

Are you facing an injury crisis going in to this match, what’s the latest?

The latest is to tell you again that in Valencia only De Gea and Matic were available to play and didn’t travel by decision apart of that the players that didn’t travel were not fit to play in Valencia, all of them had injuries and they were not ready.

All of them didn’t train yesterday again and today they will be a little, I don’t want to say test, but a little introduction to training to see the answer, adaptation and to see if we can increase a little bit tomorrow to have them for Sunday. But for sure, I hope, is better not to say for sure, I hope some will be available but for sure some will not be.

Your reputation is about getting results in difficult places have you got the tools and strategy to do that on Sunday?

I’m going to try, I’m going to try, I always try and I want to play a team that is capable to be with me on that desire and on that ambition and on that confidence, we know that we are going to play against the leader, against a team in a high, but we have our qualities, we have our potential and even with the problems we have and the doubts in terms of team choice, if tactics, approach, philosophy, we have doubts about everything but we are going to arrive with the players we have available and going to have a team capable of going there and fight for the victory.

Liverpool have had a lot of praise this season but they haven’t won a trophy for a very long time, do trophies matter? Or is it about perception?

I don’t know, depends on the way you approach it, I think trophies matter, it matters, especially when you have the potential to fight for trophies and especially when you clearly say the objective is to win the trophy. I think sometimes to just say is not very intelligent, but when you have the potential, you have nothing to hide, you know from day one your potential and your desire has a relation with the potential because to say we want to win everyone can say that but another is to say the potential in a way you have but I think Jurgen told already they want to win the Premier League, is their objective.

On Liverpool’s spending…

Is not just about the money they spend in the summer, is about many things.

Do you think to have had any chance of competing for the title you had to spend a similar amount?

Is not just about spending money and reinforcing the squad, a football team is more than that, is not just about spending the money. Is like a house, too is not just about buying the furniture, you have to do work, you spend money on the best possible furniture and then you’re ready to live in an amazing house.

This Liverpool team feels like a new image, how far away is this United team being from your image?


The reason?

The reasons I was telling him, it’s not just about spending.

Have you been treated unfairly over Liverpool games?

I don’t know what to say to you, I don’t want to analyse that, we got two positive results in Liverpool last season, we beat them at home, we didn’t lose any match against them in four I think but that was the past, so Sunday has nothing to do with what happened in the past so I have to focus not on what happened, not on the credit we were given or no, I have to focus on the next match, the next match is the one that is important and that’s it.


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