Watch him defend and watch him score.

What a performance by the Reds against a very good Wolves side. City drew there, Chelsea lost there, they held Arsenal at their place, they held United at their place, Spurs made it look incredibly difficult, yet Liverpool made it look simple.

This side can beat anyone in so many different ways now. Wolves looked dangerous, but in the end, they never really looked like breaching our last line of defence, or Virgil as he’s otherwise known. 18 games played, 15 won and absolutely zilch lost. That is ridiculous. The form of this team is insane. You could be forgiven for underestimating how difficult this has been by how easy Liverpool have made it look, but this side is making all the sides that have come before look like amateurs. Invincibles? Who are they?

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool FC - Premier League : News Photo

VVD then, the fastest of the fast and the strongest of the strong. He’s possibly the best centre-back I’ve ever seen, and he makes all of his partners look like the second best. Today, he was up against the quickest lad in the league, and possibly the strongest, but still, he made his job look like a stroll. That moment in the first half when Fabinho gave it away and Traore has Virgil one on one on the right. The home crowd are on their feet anticipating a decent chance to come of this, instead van Dijk just glided next to him. He had complete faith in himself as he ushered Traore wide and complete faith in his ‘keeper to not get beat from there. It’s as if he’s encouraging the shot, knowing it will result in his team regaining possession.

He approached all his duties in this manner, keeping pace with his man (somehow) and waiting for the right moment to stick his foot in. It’s never rushed, there’s never a moment where it’s last ditch and he gets up looking nervy, giving the players and crowd some hope and belief to cling to, like Boly vs Salah at the other end. The way in which he makes defending look so easy must completely kill the confidence of the opposition players, manager, and fans. Considering a lot of the game is played in the mind, if you’re constantly getting no joy up against someone and when they win it off you, not only are you not getting a corner, but he turns and hits a 40/50 yard pass to Mo Salah and almost sets up a goal at the other end. We’ve got the best defender in the world on our hands and he chose us over our closest rivals. What more could we ever want?


After Man City lost 2-3 to Crystal Palace, what more evidence do you need to show that we are in their heads? Their plan was to blow everyone away and have the league won by now again. They weren’t expecting this Liverpool side to stay with them all the way and then surpass them. Now they’ve got some questions to answer, one of which they’ve failed to do so today. The mighty boys in Red are four points clear at the top at Christmas. Liverpool have done their bit, now it’s over to you.

Have a very Merry Christmas and don’t spend it worrying about Manchester City!

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