A Perspective on our only Defeat & the Refereeing Decisions

After a hard earned one nil victory over Brighton, a score similar to our one nil victory over the Seagulls last August, Mo Salah scoring in both games. We never looked like losing this game but we certainly didn’t make it easy for ourselves either. Mo Salah converting his second penalty and 13th goal of the season. The penalty given by the referee, Kevin Friend made up for the one he clearly should have given when Virgil van Dijk was being held by the Brighton defender in full view of the referee.

We’ve managed to be on the receiving end of some fortune refereeing decisions this season despite the lack of penalties given to us. The general overall refereeing standard is way too inconsistent.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Liverpool FC - Premier League : News Photo

Refereeing Inconsistencies.

Take for example our 2:1 defeat against Manchester City. Klopp was up in arms about Vincent Kompany’s two feet off the ground tackle on Salah. He felt it was a red card, whilst Kompany himself thought it a great challenge, he did receive a yellow for his efforts. This deflected from what I viewed as a genuinely bad refereeing decision elsewhere in the game. Pep Guardiola was incensed by a refereeing decision by Anthony Taylor the official of the Manchester City v Liverpool game. Guardiola threw his scarf to the ground and got into a heated argument with fourth official, Martin Atkinson, which resulted in Taylor coming over to the touch line. Normally this action is taken when a Manager is being removed to the stands by the referee. No action was taken. Former referee, Keith Hackett thinks Taylor got it wrong, in both cases, Kompany should have had a red card and Guardiola sent to the stands.

Considering Anthony Taylor has history with Guardiola, who was warned by the FA over comments he made about the referee prior to a Manchester derby game last November. Could this have being on Taylor’s mind when he bottled out of sending Guardiola to the stands?

Manchester City v Liverpool FC - Premier League : News Photo

A Perspective.

Anyway a clear perspective on the actual match itself is that City deserved the win, they played better that day, as simple as. They may have won the battle that day but Liverpool are under their skin, and with three previous defeats, Guardiola is feeling some heat. Meanwhile Liverpool have remained calm and got on with things, starting with this one nil win over Brighton. There is a resilient and steeliness in this current squad and the players have remained focused.

With just two games coming up this month against Crystal Palace and Leicester City, both at home, we should have a fuller squad as players recover from any knocks and injuries. Being knocked out of the FA Cup brings some much needed reprise and rest and Klopp has his eye on the greater picture, especially with the Bayern Munich Champions League games coming up next month, followed by a big game against Manchester United away, five days later.

Brighton and Hove Albion v Liverpool - Premier League - AMEX Stadium : News Photo

Red Band of Brothers.

Players are still constantly getting criticism via social media, mostly unwanted while some probably justified. The genuine fans realise that the Liverpool squad is a collective unit a Red Band of Brothers, the likes of Mignolet and Alberto Moreno bring team spirit and camaraderie to the squad. They are as much a vital asset to the team spirit as the players playing week in and week out on the pitch. This is the bigger picture, the part of the club we don’t see.

It’s what makes Liverpool FC unique and envied the world over. It’s the reason why Mignolet turned down Napoli and Champions League football, it’s why Dejan Lovren says he can’t see himself anywhere but at Liverpool. Embrace what this special group of players are doing for the club, for the fans and especially for each other and their charismatic manager.

They come once every generation.


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