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The bore fest at United has been forcefully put to bed with a stunning response. Liverpool have picked the perfect time to unleash the best performance of the season thus far. They were mesmerising, every single one of them was flawless, rampant, inspired and determined to show their quality. The players played with immense confidence from the start, for which Klopp deserves huge credit. The difference between Watford and Sunday was night and day. They got their mojo back overnight and used it to tear a very good side to shreds. Watford have nothing to be ashamed of. They did not embarrass themselves as the score line suggests, in fact they possessed some impressive individual performances, Deulofeu and Hughes in particular. They were simply outplayed by a group of lads who were all the very best versions of themselves. The team did not look the most promising initially, but then we discovered that Mane is the best centre forward on the planet, Fabinho is Makelele on stilts and Divock is prime Dirk Kuyt in disguise. And a 20-year-old full back outshone the lot.


Credit: The Independent

Trent Alexander Arnold is 20 years of age and he’s this good. He already has a strong case for the best right back in the country, imagine him in 5 years. He could go on to be the world’s best right back for the best part of a decade like Philip Lahm, if both he and the manager decide he should stay there. He could be our no.10 in 2 seasons, his potential is limitless. 3 assists in one game from right back is astonishing and highlights the talent he has at crossing from wide areas. Despite this, he still boasted a passing accuracy of 80% and got back to make 6 ball recoveries as he dominated the right-hand side of the pitch.  The young Liverpudlian has proven himself defensively against some of the biggest names in football on the biggest of stages. Now, he has become the youngest player in Premier League history to register 3 assists in the one game. These assists put him on 6 for the season in the league and only 4 off Hazard who leads the way on 10. He has also closed the gap on his friendly competitor Andy Robertson, who impressively sits on 8. Trent bounced back from the disappointment of missing out on Sunday and delivered his best performance to date in a red shirt. His attitude is just as impressive as his ability and gives us confidence that he will continue to do the right things to push on and improve.

Credit: The Belfast Telegraph

10 games left now for the Mighty Reds. 10 games between us and glory. The fixtures are largely favourable, and this result and performance should help massively when approaching them. The derby is next and what a way to be going into it. If we win at Goodison, a run is on where we can brush lesser teams than Watford aside in this manner and gather momentum going into the final few months. Liverpool are better than every side left to play in the league, by some distance. If we find a way to maintain this level of performance for the remaining months, it will be a very special season to look back on. For now, we focus on adding to Everton’s misery and displaying the difference in class.

The game is on.

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