An Ode to Klopp

Since his arrival at Liverpool, Klopp has implemented a high pressing counter attacking game relying on the output of his wingers.

Off the ball the persistent press of the Liverpool full-backs makes it very hard to play around the deadly press.

Klopp is commonly known for switching between a basic 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1.

The 4-2-3-1 being the very formation that ended Bayern Munich’s reign as champions of the Bundesliga. The idea of a double pivot of midfielders offers a shield for the back four but also gives one of them licence to join the attack.

Klopp’s hands on approach to managing makes him a favourite with fans, players and staff.

The amount of time and love for his players cannot be matched by any other manager in the world of football. It certainly proves to get the best out of his players and the fans.

“He’s one of the best coaches in the world, but I think one of his secrets is that he is just an incredible person” said Sadio Mane.

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In my opinion, Klopp’s counter attacking, exciting football has had made for more interesting games. However, it has also encouraged teams to sit back and be timid against Liverpool due to the ever-looming threat of the Counter attack.

The aggressive style of football has enabled the red men to dismantle some of the top teams. The German’s tactics will continue to attract players to the club and fuel the fire that is the Anfield atmosphere.

Klopp’s men are unbeaten at home since April 2017. As a Liverpool fan I believe the recent success in the league and champion’s league is down to his positivity and ambitions.

He is not afraid of splashing the cash but in this world of football you need to spend money to compete. His passion and family like values have effectively made him the 12th player and has certainly been the key element to the new look Liverpool.

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The emphasis on defending is another reason for the revolution. Only 15 goals have been conceded after playing 29 games. The idea that Liverpool are so strong defensively but so deadly going forward is unheard of.

The tactics that he implied in Germany from managing Mainz have certainly formed the DNA of Jurgen Klopp the very pioneer that defied the standard formation of German football.

He has never been one to follow the rules with outbursts at referees, running on the pitch and criticising officials but this all forms the outgoing, passionate, defiant manager and leader of men that is Jurgen Klopp. His refusal to change tactics for different oppositions makes the approach to the game predictable but evidently effective.

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He somehow manages to get the best out of all his players from the top goal scorer to the nervous seventeen year olds recently promoted to the first team set up. He has institutionalised the concept that everyone has an important role to play even if they rarely get game time. The family like attitude around the Liverpool camp has proven to get results on the pitch and off the pitch in attracting players, fans and staff.

Personally, Klopp is already a legend of the club and will forever be remembered among the great Liverpool managers for his affectionate approach to a very stressful job. He will be loved for years to come even if he does not manage to win us the league we so crave and await. He should be remembered as one of the best managers to grace the premier league even if he does not win anything. There will never be anyone similar to him again.
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