Can we win the double? – A look at Liverpool’s final run-in

The Final Push

As the season reaches its climax, it’s fair to say that most Liverpool fans are understandably nervous. Can we do it? Can we win the league? Can we win the Champions league?

Yes, we can.

Four out of our last seven games are at home. We are unbeaten in the premier league at home since April 2017 and considering the strength of the league this is an unbelievable stat. Our two toughest games left are both at home against Chelsea and Tottenham whereas City have to visit to Old Trafford. There is a very good chance that Manchester United will prevent City from claiming the 3 points that would surely finish Liverpool’s chances.

Four of our last seven games are against teams who are in a relegation battle. At any other point in the season they would play timidly and play for a draw but it’s quite the contrary at this point in the season. A draw will not benefit teams like Fulham as they are so far a drift.


They have to come out and play which perfectly suits our counter attaching instincts moreover Scott Parker (the new Fulham boss) has nothing to lose he cannot be blamed if they are relegated because when he was appointed they were in an awful position.

The Champions league

This competition is the standout trophy in our history. We have won it 5 times and it effectively made the loud, intimidating Anfield atmosphere that we all know and love on a cold European night. What’s to say we cannot make it six?

We have hit a gold mine by drawing Porto. Don’t get me wrong they will be no pushover but it is the ideal draw. In my opinion there is no better team than Liverpool left in the Champions league.

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Juventus goals conceded in the league this season-17

Ajax goals conceded in the league this season-21

Man City goals conceded in the league this season-21

Tottenham goals conceded in the league this season-32

Manchester United goals conceded in the league this season-40

Barcelona goals conceded in the league this season-26

Liverpool goals conceded in the league this season-17

Porto goals conceded in the league this season-35

We can’t let our hope drop because that’s what drives the team on. The passion, the love and the amount of time for the football club that can drive us all up the wall from time to time makes us the unique Liverpool.

Opposition fans hate us because we make more noise and care more but let’s use their undeniable insecurity as fuel. Let’s not give up we are the reds.

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If I was to sleep for 6 months I would not be surprised if we had done the double. This team is insane there are no weaknesses. I’ve seen us come back from 3-0 down against Milan and Dortmund and we can sure as hell come back from a one point deficit.

With the return of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Joe Gomez on the cards after the international break, it can only make us stronger. With Ox adding a more direct and dynamic midfield alternative that was certainly been lacking in the match against Everton.

Joe Gomez’s pace and physicality will certainly secure our already strong defence.

The double is certainly a reality.

We have not lost a two legged tie under Jürgen Klopp.

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