Can Liverpool Conquer all of Europe?

The road for 6th European title.

Can we claim Ol’ Big Ears?

Honest answer? Yes!

I personally think that it would be remiss of people to think that we haven’t got the capabilities to claim our 6th European trophy this season and I’ll tell you why.


In the last round of the tournament we beat one of the most recent winners in the last decade, a team that’s got its fair share of World Cup winners in it. Sure there’s a difference in their squad now as compared to the winning team of 2012/2013, possibly in terms of age etc. But we have to remember they still have a host of good players such as Neuer, Hummel’s, Lewandowski and Muller. They also just thumped Dortmund 5-0 at the weekend, which I think duly writes off the nonsense from rival fans that we beat a poor Bayern side.

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We can go back further and look at how we also beat PSG in the first group game this season, A 3-2 result in Anfield shouldn’t be discredited as the Paris based club are stacked with big players who are lo and behold also World Cup winners and you can be darn certain they have good players.


But enough of our past opposition, let’s talk about tonight’s opponents FC Porto. Jürgen Klopp said that last season’s 5-0 away result to the Portuguese side was a strange game and to be fair I’d probably agree, I remember sitting in the local and Porto started off strongly but our dynamic trio turned it on and then before we knew it we were the game was over.

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We have a lot of quality in the side, most of which were at the club during that amazing run in last year. Now with the additions of Fabinho, Alisson and Naby Keita and Xherdan Shaqiri (Champions League winner) the team can justly feel like if they can get past Porto then they can repeat last year’s run to the final but this time with a trophy on the bus ride home.


At Anfield, even experienced players can have a bad start because of the excitement of playing in such a stadium. Pushed by their fans, the Liverpool players seemed unstoppable” – Former Juventus manager Fabio Capello.

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