Liverpool 5-0 Huddersfield – The Sign of the Times

91 points.

Behave Redmen. There’s still a fighting chance that this is the best club side ever made. There is also a strong possibility that they improve again next season. Wow. We know this side is going nowhere. The average age is 26, with most of the star men entering the peak years of their career. Also, the sides that were being linked with these players are now worse and less attractive than Liverpool, which is a bonus.

So, it’s time we recognise our privilege as supporters of this wonderful club. We get to witness these boys finish out the season in the best ever title race in England with a cheeky Champions League run on the side. Then we get to see them do it all again in a few months’ time.

They are the best players in the world, which is such a relaxing thought. We can’t get angry at them. Whenever they make a mistake, we just deal with it because we all know we wouldn’t swap them for anyone else. How can we be mad at them when they’ve gotten us 91 points. They are now immune to criticism. No one else can do what they do so we just have let them do it.

As far as man of the match goes, take your pick. There are plenty of contenders, Keita, Salah, Mane, Robertson, Virge and so on. They all played well, hence the scoreline. I’ve gone with the man of the moment again, however. The Egyptian King. Time’s front cover.

So, Salah has now scored over 20 premier league goals in two consecutive seasons. The league’s top goal scorer has yet again showed his immense mental strength in the face of adversity. His best work comes in response to criticism, whether he’s kicking racism into touch with a worldy or becoming the outright best scorer in the country after being shunned by the PFA Team of the Year.

The best thing about it is rival fans and the media haven’t noticed this trend. Hopefully the ridicule continues and he’ll be lifting trophies in no time. His mentality is exceptional though and worthy of winning the best honours in the game. He is a winner and his self-belief and motivation cannot be quenched. His desire to score goals can make him greedy as we’ve seen but the positive results of this attitude far outweigh the cons.

Despite this greediness he still provided an assist into Keita and could have had more when he set up Chamberlain near the end. His ability to consistently create chances for his teammates and provide assists and still have the opportunity to be greedy, shows how involved Salah is in games. He works incredibly hard with relentless sprints behind his man, tiring them out to get the better of them at some stage in the game.

As a defender against Mo Salah you’re in for a horrible 90 minutes with no respite. It is almost impossible to keep him at bay for a whole game which is evident from his statistics. Huddersfield on Friday was Mo’s 100 game for Liverpool. In that time he has scored 69 goals and provided 29 assists which equates to 98 goal involvements. Insane.

On Friday Salah scored twice, assisted once and played 4 key passes. He also worked hard defensively with 4 ball recoveries from the Terriers and he completed 4 out of his 6 dribbles. It was another tremendous display from Salah as he continues to prove he has undoubtedly rediscovered his best form since the drought.

With Barca next, Mo and the team are in the best shape possible. It is rare that a team can go into a Champions League semi-final after a league run such as ours. It is an incredibly hard feat to combine league and Champions League successfully and Liverpool have done it exceptionally this season on only their second try under Klopp. It should be a fantastic watch for all football fans around the world, regardless of the result. Yet again we find ourselves in a position where the eyes of the football world are well and truly on Liverpool again and with these players and manager at our disposal, they will be for a long time to come.

Nothing to fear Reds, only to enjoy.

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