Wij So Serious? – Cardiff vs. Liverpool Man of the Match Review

9 wins on the bounce

The Reds have 88 points after 35 games. 88 points. What a side this is. It is beyond a joke now. They’re better than all the pundits on the telly. They’re better than your Da’s heroes. They are the most mentally strong team we have ever seen. They have the desire to work hard every single week, the confidence that they can match any side in the world and the nous to think their way out of a game and react to situations as they happen.

I’ve never seen a Liverpool team manage games this effectively. The ability and cleverness of the players to find a weakness in Cardiff that wasn’t planned for and exploit it to perfection with Gini’s goal is just glorious to see. It may seem easy, but it takes sheer confidence in your own ability and that of those around you to create a plan on the spot and implement it.

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Jurgen was beaming with pride post-match having seen his players’ in-game management as he knows it is a sign of greatness. It also highlights the faith he has in his players, to allow them the freedom to work things out by themselves in the most important of matches. It’s another string to the bow, another huge asset to this team that sets them apart from the rest of Europe’s elite.


Gini’s celebration showed it as well. His form had dipped recently and his position in the team was no longer guaranteed. But he turns up, spots a weakness in Cardiff’s set-pieces and scores a fantastic goal to remind us of his quality. Gini knows how much this means to both himself and everyone else. Gini knows he’s showed his importance there. He is desperate to still be Klopp’s main fella.

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He was in a deeper role as well today, Klopp decided to keep Henderson in his new, more offensive role despite Fabinho’s absence. Wijnaldum had no qualms about it as he’s been impressive there before, a great pro. He finished the game with a remarkable 96% pass accuracy and wasn’t dispossessed once. All of this on top of effectively being the match winner with his clean strike.

He dictated the game and prevented Cardiff from getting a foothold and causing us any real problems. He is a nightmare to play against as a midfielder, you can’t get the ball off of him. Gini very much symbolises the whole team and its coolness and toughness under pressure. On the rare occasion Cardiff sensed an opportunity and the crowd spurred them on, Wijnaldum calmly turned a few and kept hold of the ball.
It’s his trademark skill. The Gini turn. He never panics and nor should you. There are very few midfielders in the world that can use their body to protect the ball as well as he does. He is the master at it. No one can get near him, he kills their hope and belief with his technical ability and gives them dead legs with his rear of the year. Quality.

All eyes on Wednesday then Reds. United have been trounced and need a response. There is hope for us yet. This could be one of the few games they decide to show up. Huddersfield on a Friday night should be a party, unlike Pep’s trip to Burnley. We need to enjoy this run in while they endure it. They’re biggest tests are yet to come while ours are all behind us. Whatever will be, will be.
Que sera.

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